Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dallas Phillip Johnson

So... we are having a BOY!!! I can still hardly believe it. I have pretty much thought this entire pregnancy that this was probably a boy because I have felt so different than my pregnancy with Penny. Our appointment to find out the gender was so much fun.

Poor Jona had been up the night before working so he was pretty exhausted. When we finally got in there and started the ultrasound and our little one's knees were so tightly pressed together. We tried and tried and pushed and pushed on him but he would not move. 

Finally we asked the doctor if we could try a different method of ultrasound ;) so he left for a few minutes and then came back and tried again and the results were the exact same. Those little knees would not be moved! Finally Jona said something to make me laugh and the little guy either loved it or hated it but every time I would laugh he would kick and punch and finally moved those little legs out of the way. 

I could not believe when we saw that he would be a boy! I am so incredibly excited but I also feel so far out of my depth! I know little girls, but I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to raising little boys. Then comes the whole responsibility of raising him to love and lead a family. Whew, I'm so thankful that God promises to give us everything we need but I am definitely feeling the weight of that responsibility!

Our little man's name is Dallas Phillip Johnson. Dallas is from his sweet Dada (Jonathan Dallas). I have always wanted to name our son after his dad and I finally get my wish! Phillip comes from my awesome father in law. This kid has big shoes to fill!

Penny is so thrilled and I love hearing her say "Baby Dahdis" Here is the video of us telling Pen she is going to have a baby brother.

Just to give you a little explanation:
In the video you hear her say "the baby grow and grow and then it comes out and meets Mr. Justin." Our good friends Justin and Caitie Wade, have a little girl named Olive who Penny absolutely adores. For some reason Penny is obsessed with the idea of "Mr. Justin" meeting our baby when Dallas is born.  (Who knows!)