Monday, April 20, 2009

I am SO OLD!!!

Sorry its been a while since I've written. I went out of town with my high school choir from SCCS for about four days. My good friend from college, Greg Clark is the choir director while I help out and accompany for the group.

Greg and I are still in our early 20's so as far as I'm concerned, it was a rather large feat that we successfully took 50 junior high and high school kids on a four day trip up North without anyone dying.

Although my sweet husband couldn't be there, it was really a great trip. We sang in a couple youth groups, retirement homes and church services. I really love these students, they are great kids! It seemed like I would just be along for the ride and help Greg out with whatever he needed and accompany the choir, but as it turned out I was in for a huge shock...


Who knew!!!?? Not only am I a grown up, I'm a grandma!! I thought I was still a kid, or at least a teenager, but instead, I'm an old, boring adult!

I received this shocking revelation about 3 minutes into the trip. Here are some of the things that helped me to realize that I had indeed grown up...

1. I cannot and will not drink 5 Monster energy drinks within an hour
2. I do not think that finding out who can scream the loudest is a fun activity
3. I do not think its a funny joke to take a friend's wallet for 24 hours, while a church and their entire staff spends their whole day looking for it.
4. I do not enjoy being hit in the head repeatedly with a frisbee while trying to sleep on the bus
5. I do not ask the elderly if they were one of the first pilgrims to land in Plymouth
6. I cannot stay up all night long talking about how hot Akon is.
7. I cannot spend hours upon hours upon hours discussing Twilight
8. I do not desire to see how many times I can be slapped in face before I've had enough
9. I can perform for an entire concert without having to text someone
10. I would not purchase food Panda Express on Friday, keep it on a hot bus for two days and then polish it off on Sunday. 

I think I can say that I'm thankful that I've grown up a little bit, but it still came as a bit of a surprise. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who knew me as a preteen or a teenager. 

I should also clarify, that these were not all of the kids, and rotted kung pow chicken or not, I still adore every last one of them!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Women are like what?!!!

So to give you a little background to this story, my husband and I are currently house sitting for some good friends who are out of town on vacation. It is a pretty sweet gig because all we are doing is feeding their dog and cat. The fact that they have a dog is a huge bonus for Pec, since the chances of us getting a dog anytime soon (or ever) are not looking too good. The fact that we are watching their cat is a little less exciting for both of us, but we are willing to suffer for the sake of our mini vacation in this beautiful home.

Tonight we were sitting in the tv room, watching a movie when we started to hear the cat clawing at the furniture in the living room. My sweetheart kindly offered to get up and figure out what the cat was doing. When he came back he uttered these words...

"Cats are just like women".

Now if you know anything about me, you know that I HATE CATS. I don't get their purpose. All they do is come out of no where and scare the living daylights out of you, then look at you like you are an idiot who is just taking up space.

I tried to respond with a loving and gentle tone so I simply said...

"What did you just say?"

Pec- "Cats are just like women. They don't come when you call them, they only ever do what they want, and when you try to touch them they just look at you like you're crazy"

Me- "You have got to be kidding me!"

Pec-"Yeah. See, dogs are just like guys. You always know exactly what they want. They only need to do three things to be happy: eat, sleep and eat some more."

Even though I tried my hardest to be offended, all I could do was laugh at his logic.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We are in ESCROW!!! My husband told me that I should give an update about the house hunting. If you read this blog just to read about how dumb I am, this one probably won't contain many laughs (I just didn't want to waste your time)...

With all that said, I have to tell you how unbelievably kind the Lord has been to us!! We were starting to get a little discouraged. Over and over again we would look at something, start falling in love with it, then find out we couldn't get it.

It was like someone saying, 
"Here is an adorable puppy for you to keep"...
"Hold him, fall in love with him"... 
"Do you love him yet?"...."
"Ok, give him back"... 
"You can't have the puppy"... 
"Look, now the puppy is dead. Too bad"

Well, we had experienced several dead puppies until Monday. Our awesome, super hero, Mike Tagliere told me to meet him at a condo development. He showed me a condo that was pretty similar to the other ones we had seen. This condo was a bit over our budget, but we thought that if maybe Pec sold his kidneys and lungs, and I sold my heart we might be able to afford it.

It was a two level, the bottom level was all tile, and not pretty tile either. It looked like it could be a gigantic locker room. Or a massive slip-and-slide room, which to be honest, my husband would have loved. We walked up to the second level and one of the rooms looked like someone forgot where the bathroom was and the other room looked like they may have used it for a meat locker. I know it sounds horrible, but the fact that they had removed the cow carcasses for us was a massive bonus. Needless to say, I told Mike to make an offer. Yep, that's how desperate we were getting.

Well Mike and I were about to leave then he said, "there's one other one, its probably a total dive, but the price is incredible and we should take a look at it." I reluctantly agreed and we walked to this other condo. 

On our way, I imagined the cockroaches and termites that we were about to encounter. I imagined the numerous Nascar stickers that they used for wallpaper. Of course we would probably find one or two dead birds in the closets and the special "gifts" in all of the "toilets" (which we have learned, can at times be made up of a simple wooden box). The possibilities were endless. Mike informed me that this condo was currently occupied, which also brought to mind several images of Pectators

As we arrived at the front door, which was propped open, I heard a raspy voice say "don't let the cat out!" I looked down expecting to find a nasty cat trying to escape but I quickly realized that she was referring to a small ceramic cat that was holding the door open. I was trying to keep an open mind so I decided to let that one fly. 

We walked and at the top of the staircase that leads up to the condo there is a 60-65 year old, weathered and wrinkled woman named Kathleen. I hadn't even had the opportunity to say hello before she immediately began lifting her shirt up. I have to admit, even in our experience of meeting all of these very different, and somewhat special people, I was pretty shocked. 

As the shirt got a little higher and I was scrambling to protect Mike and I from who knows what, I began to understand that she was showing us her back brace, which was the reason for her not meeting us at the door.  As Mike and I sputtered out a breath of relief she barked out a few curses about getting old and having arthritis. She told us to take our time and Mike and I timidly made our way up the stairs. What met us there was.....

.... the most adorable and sweet little condo that I have ever seen!!! This eccentric yet unbelievably kind woman had poured her blood, sweat, tears and cigarettes in to this gorgeous little home. I fell instantly in love with every square foot of the place. It has two bedrooms and a precious little sun room/breakfast nook. The kitchen is large and she payed over 7k to install beautiful wood floors throughout the entire place. I truly love it!!

Mike suggested that I go downstairs and try to let her get to know me a little. I had such a great time talking to her and by the end of the conversation, I was as in love with her as I was the apartment. She is a criminal psychologist who used to be a teacher, so she has backgrounds in both our careers. She told us that she already had offers but she was going to decline them and told me exactly what to offer!! That's unheard of!

After Mike dragged me out of there, he and I went back to his office to write an offer. While we were there Kathleen called and told him, that once SHE ACCEPTS OUR OFFER (!!!!) she wants Pec and I to walk through the condo and choose whatever furniture we want!! 

Long story short, the next morning Pec and Mama Pec/Pyro looked at the condo and also fell in love with it! She accepted our offer within 24 hours and we are now in Escrow! The Lord is so kind to us and we truly could not be more excited!!