Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2 (the embarrassing part)

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you'll know that my life is mostly made up of embarrassing moments. If there is a way to somehow ruin precious moments in life, I will find it. ;)

We came home from Oklahoma on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving because Jona had to go back to work. He worked for like 5 days in a row so I didn't get to see him on Thanksgiving day and the Johnsons were still in Oklahoma so I couldn't spend it with them. We also decided that since we were going up to Washington for Christmas we couldn't afford for Penny and I to go up for Thanksgiving as well. My sweet friend Caitie offered for Penny and I to spend thanksgiving dinner with her family.

I was so excited to go since I love the Levis' and the Wades but I don't know her family incredibly well and I told Jona I would most likely do something embarrassing like spill my drink at dinner or Penny would have an accident on their carpet or something. I was totally right.

I got Pen dressed up all cute and made my carmel apple dip and we headed over there. When we got there, Caitie's little girl, Olive (who Penny absolutely adores), was in the back yard, super dirty, playing with worms.

I should give a little back story. Caitie is the coolest, most laid back mom, who lets her daughter get dirty and explore mud and bugs and all that gross stuff. I'm not quite so cool, haha. As a matter of fact, I spent months making sure Penny didn't drink her bath water. Caitie has totally helped me calm down and let Penny live a little! However.... letting Pen dig through a compost pile for worms to feed to the chickens is a little outside my comfort zone. Caitie and I are constantly making fun of each other for how uptight I am and I tell her that she's totally gross (all in good fun).

So.... they called us inside for dinner and I went to go find a bathroom to wash Penny's hands because she had been looking at the worms ;) All the bathrooms were being used so I asked Caitie's brother where else I could wash Pen's hands. He directed me to the kitchen where I washed Penny & my hands with warm water and soap.

We sat down to eat and there were about 20 of us. Mrs. Levis was still working on the meal while Mr. Levis got ready to lead us in scripture reading before our meal. It was super quiet when Mrs. Levis came out and said...

"Susi? Did you wash Penny's hands?"

(I was thinking that she knew we had been playing outside and I thought she was just adopting me as a daughter or something to make sure we had cleaned up before dinner.)

"Of course", I responded.

"With soap"

"Uh... yeah. She was outside with the worms!"

"Oh..." she said, "Well, you washed her hands over our gravy"


I was SO embarrassed!! Of course I had ruined the perfect, amazing gravy that she had slaved over. There was a pan in the sink but I thought that it was dirty. Nope! She was so incredibly gracious but for the rest of the meal, they kept saying stuff like "Can someone pass the gravy? Oh wait..." or "Man, you know what would go great with this turkey?..."

It. Was. Awesome.

Regardless, it was an awesome night and they were such a fun family to spend (and ruin) Thanksgiving. :)


This year we got to go to Oklahoma for a mini Johnson family reunion. We had so much fun being all together and got to share an incredible BBQ Thanksgiving on the Saturday before. Oklahoma is really such an awesome place and we loved being able to stay with and spend time with Jona's Grandpa, "Pa", who is easily the coolest man I know over the age of 60 :) 

Everyone, from his children to his great grandchildren, absolutely adore and love spending time with Pa! We wish that he lived closer to us, but that would probably put us in competition with some of the Oklahoma Johnsons and I quickly learned that a lot of them carry guns :)

As is usual, I didn't take many pictures, so here's just a couple from our trip. 
I'm sure my sister-in-law will post a bunch on Facebook.

We went to the Coney-Islander in Tulsa, which is basically the most inexpensive, yet delicious hot dogs you can buy! Jona went to this place when he was just a kid and he really wanted to go back so we did! It was a lot of fun!

One of my favorite things is watching Jona be an Uncle. 
I already know he's an amazing dad, but watching him wrestle with both of the kids is just awesome.

Pen and Ray (my nephew) absolutely love each other. 
They play hard and would probably be together all day, every day if they had the option!

We got to visit the Bass Pro Shop while in Tulsa, which is always a favorite!

Pen looks seriously concerned at her Dad's story-telling capabilities! :)

Getting ready to board our flight home!