Monday, October 10, 2011

Finger Painting!!

I recently bought Penny some big paper and finger paint. She has totally loved it! I don't know why it took me so long to get some but it has been well worth the wait!

I love how timid she is at the beginning, then by the end, nearly every inch of her is covered in paint.

This is what Pen does when I ask her to smile.

While taking a break, she looks at her belly and
sees a world of canvas opportuity

Reaching in for a hand full

A little tentative at first :)

I adore her chubby little hands

Trying to figure out what her mom just did to her nose

My sweet, happy girl!

Making sure nothing goes unpainted :)

Now she's wondering if it tastes as good as it looks.

Time for a bath!

Start Spreading The News...

Way back in August, Sarah, Jona and I took a trip to New York City! My family surprised Sarah for her 30th birthday and Jona and I decided what better way for her to enjoy NYC than for us to tag along! :)

We had so much fun. It was HOT and incredibly exhausting but we really did have the time of our lives. I learned quickly, while our on honeymoon, that my husband is an OVER ACHIEVER vacationer. Which means that you shouldn't expect to sleep in or relax. My sister is even worse. The two of them combined create a sightseeing force that is not to be messed with. I am just now getting the feeling back into my feet.

We saw the Metropolitan Museum, Grand Central Terminal, Ground Zero, Museum of Natural History, The Pompeii Exhibit, The Hello Deli, Ed Sullivan Theater, Strawberry Fields, The Dakota, Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, took a boat to the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Carnegie Deli, Times Square, took ABC tour...

It went on and on. It really was a blast. My poor sister has been suffering from Celiacs, soy allergies, Dairy allergies and every other food allergy you can think of so her food choices at home are pretty limited. As it turns out, NYC is like the mecca of gluten free and vegan restaurants. It was so fun to watch her be able to eat things like pizza and pasta and breadsticks that actually tasted good!

We left Penny with my gracious in laws. We missed her like crazy. By the end of the trip Jona and I kept staring at kids on the subway. We couldn't wait to get back to her but we really had a great time with each other and Sarah.

Here are some pics from the trip...

Sarah and I in Grand Central Station
(which was across the street from our hotel)

Sweatin' it up in the Subways. Seriously every time
we got down there I wanted to cry. Subways are not for me.
Go ahead, call me a snob.

Inside the Met. This place is absolutely incredible.

While at the Met, I made Jona sit down about
100 times to "take a picture".
Holy cow, my feet hurt

(sorry for the butt crack :))

This was my favorite part
Sarah and I got last minute tickets to see Phantom
I cried through the whole thing. Absolutely amazing!
(We also saw Wicked, which was great, but not as good as Phantom)

Sorry for the poor quality.
I think this was right before Wicked

My sister is even beautiful while stuffing her
mouth full of gluten free pizza :)
(Don't hate me for this Sarah)

This was on our last night.
We surprised Sarah by taking her on a sailboat cruise to see the statue of liberty.
It was so beautiful. I didn't get a great picture of it,
but here's one of the skyline on our way back.

Thanks Jona & Sarah for a great trip. Love you both!!

I'm Not Dead Yet

I've come to terms with the fact that I am a very obnoxious blogger. I would apologize but I'm not sure it's about to change so I'll hold off on that. Hey, at least I'm not as lazy a blogger as this guy :)

I come to realize that my relationship with blogging is a lot like the friend you were supposed to call a while ago. You don't call, forget to call, lose the number, etc. Then you get to a point where you're so embarrassed to run into them that you move to another state and change your name. Thats kinda where I'm at.

I thought I might start another blog but then I realized that no one reads this blog anymore so maybe I'll start with a whole new audience. So welcome, newbies. This blog is filled with consistent, meaningful, life-changing content.

Let the blogging commence!