Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Hundred and Hell Degrees

I apologize if you are offended by this blog post title, but that is approximately how hot it is in SoCal today. I'm not even joking. Everything is sweaty. Everything. I think my fingernails are even sweating.

I was always known as a happy child growing up. Typically had a good attitude, never ever threw tantrums. Ask my mom, I was a pretty good kid. Until... it got hot. Every ounce of Christianity immediately left my soul the second I get over heated. I had been known to literally turn in to Satan once it got over 85. Since I have grown into a more mature adult, I have learned to take better control of my anger and the demon possession instead turned into OUT OF CONTROL crying. I'm not even joking.

I came home from school today, poured myself a big drink, spent a little bit of time trying to fix our crappy air conditioning and then I bawled. Like a baby. I can't help it. Heat makes me completely lose it.

I'm starting to think that baby Penny hates heat as much as I do. For the last three days there has been this ridiculously hard spot sticking out on the right side of my stomach. I think it must be a foot or elbow or something, but it's like she is saying, "Mom, what the heck is happening?! I will continue to stab you until you improve my living conditions". I can't say that I blame her.

If there are any of you who would like to confront my complaining and bad attitude could you please wait until December? This is more for your sake than mine. You seriously do not want to tempt the "heat" demon to come out of hiding. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's A.... GIRL!!!

At least we think so :) Today was our OB appointment where we hoped to learn the gender of our little wee one :) I was very sick at the beginning of the appointment but very excited.

At first the nurse told us we wouldn't be able to have an ultrasound but I tried to flash my dimple and sweet talk our doctor. I should have realized that a fat, sweaty, pukey pregnant girl has no charm whatsoever, but he was very gracious and took the time to give us an ultrasound.

I'm coming to realize that what I think is cute about my kid probably no one else does (except for my faithful parents and in laws :)), but, THIS BABY IS SO STINKIN CUTE!! It literally looked like she was doing the "YMCA" dance, or some other form of aerobics (she clearly doesn't take after her mama).

Her arms were up then down, to the left, to the right. Then about ten more reps of that. She was in a pretty awkward position so my doctor took the ultrasound thingy and practically started punching my belly with it. She. was. ticked. It was like she new exactly what we wanted and there was no way she was givin' it up easy!

Our doctor said that he was 80% sure it was a girl and I'll take it! :) It's looking like this feisty baby will be named Penelope Mae Johnson :) Of course if it turns out to be a shy boy we will still be thrilled!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's In A Name?

Oops, I just realized I left you three (sorry Bethy :)) in the dark about Pinkie! Here are some of our name choices, but first...

We have been talking a lot about the baby's name. I know we have a long way to go, but I'm not really a fan of calling the baby "it" for 9 months. I have always been one of those people who thought it was stupid to hide the name until birth. It's always really awkward when you ask expectant parents if they have a name and they respond with, "yes, but we are keeping it private". What are you supposed to say then? "Wow, a secret. That's really cool." I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who thinks it's awkward. But now...

I totally get it! I think I have learned a lot during the pregnancy. One major thing is that EVERYONE has an opinion. When it comes to morning sickness, food aversions, pregnancy health, I am totally fine with an opinion, especially because it is given as an encouragement, as a matter of fact I WELCOME opinions. So please don't think that I'm an arrogant brat that has to do this on my own, 'cause I don't want to! :)

BUT, sometimes I'm a little blown away that people will actually tell you to your face that one of your name choices is "a horrible name for a baby"! Isn't that funny?! On the other hand, if my parents had actually wanted to name me Zerubbabel, I would hope that some one would have kindly and graciously asked them to reconsider.

So with all that said, I'm a little insecure about our name choices at this point, but we still have a little time. Like I mentioned in the last post, in about 16 days we will find out the gender. I would love to be able to call that baby... "blah blah" (you know what I mean) from that day on.

Here are our top choices...
Malaki/Macachi Rivers or
Dallas Philip

Mya Pinkerton (hence the nickname "pinkie") or
Penelope Mae

So... now I feel like I will scare everyone away from commenting. :) Maybe we should just stick with "Blah Blah". With how original some people are starting to be with naming their children, he/she probably wouldn't even stick out!

Baby Update-15 weeks

I know I still have some things to cover as far as our vacations, but I thought I would give my readers (aka "Mom & Dad") a baby update.

We are currently at 15 weeks. We are getting so excited as the baby seems to be healthy and we have had more and more time to imagine what our lives will be with little baby whatever. :) We currently call the baby "Pinkie" (I'll explain in a sec). Words can't express how much we already love this little one!

It seems as though this pregnancy has been a little complicated. I put every ounce of hope that I had in July 18th. It was supposed to be the day that my 2nd trimester started, therefore sending the morning sickness on it's evil way. No such luck. My days are spent napping on the couch interrupted by violent dry heaving. I have really worked on counting every single second of nausea as a blessing. I honestly don't feel discouraged by it. I am thankful for symptoms that allow me to know this baby is healthy and growing, and in the meantime have caught up on my sleep.

In 17 days we will find out if we are having a little pinkie (girl) or if we have forever ruined our son's masculinity by calling him such a girlie little name :)

P.S. This ultrasound picture was taken at 12/13 weeks? I know our baby looks like it's armless, my kind Doctor informed me that he/she indeed possessed two perfectly normal arms. As a matter of fact, when the Dr. showed me the baby like this, I couldn't stop laughing, which made the armless baby look like he/she was dancing, which made me laugh all the harder. In explanation, those are the baby's shoulders :)