Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Distraction

Well it has been a long four weeks on bed rest. That amount of time spent doing absolutely nothing hasn't created a lot of blogging ideas. But I decided I would write a quick little post to distract me from my strong desire to vomit. (I know, that's gross, but get used to it, because you are now reading the blog of a sickly pregnant woman).

Here are some random tidbits from the last four weeks....

- My husband is INCREDIBLE. There has never been a kinder, sweeter more selfless man! He serves me every way he possibly can. He has had to balance work, me and trying to fix up our condo so that its livable. I love him more right now than I ever imagined possible!

-Peanut butter crackers are da bomb! I typically am not a fan, but recently I have eaten far more than my weight in these little "nausea killers". I thank God for them every day!

-People who smoke should probably be shot. I am thankful for the sweet woman who sold her house to us, but I wish that she had never smoked. I literally lay awake at night counting the number of cigarettes that she smoked. We are very SLOWLY moving from room to room to paint and scrape the ceilings so eventually the smell will be gone.

-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the sweetest show ever created. I every morning I watch it and bawl like a little baby. I asked Pec if we could try to stage some kinda disaster so that we could be applicants for the show. We're working on it :)

-Taco Bell is of the devil! The first couple of weeks Taco Bell was all that I could think about. Now I literally gag every time a commercial comes on. NO BUENO!

-I have the greatest friends, in-laws, and family in the whole world! I can't tell you how my parents & Phil and Darlene have served us in this time! Darlene texts me every day offering to make a meal, or get groceries or whatever! They are awesome. My family has been here the last couple of weeks and we have had a total blast together. They are the coolest people on the planet.

Ok, I think nausea wave #87 has subsided so I'm gonna try to hit the showers. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging For Two!!!!

Well I have the best excuse for my blog neglect! We are happy to announce that we are 7.5 weeks pregnant! We never expected to be pregnant after just ten months of marriage but we are so excited!

If you know me, you know that nothing really goes easily and everything must include some amount of drama! The way we found out about our new little baby most definitely lives up to my reputation.

It was the last week of school for me. I was supposed to work all day long and attend 4 graduation ceremonies that week. We also were two days away from closing escrow on our condo and I had only packed about 2% of our apartment.

On Tuesday, May 26th, Pec got REALLY sick. He had such a bad flu that he could barely even formulate sentences. He had a 103 degree temperature and was in the process of coughing up all of his internal organs.

I was running from school to home to try to take care of him and pack our house and practice for the graduation ceremonies that I was playing for. On one trip home I stopped by the drugstore to pick up some Gatorade for him. As I was strolling through the aisles I happened to walk by the pregnancy test section.

I thought to myself, "I'm pretty sure in one of Pec's extreme moments of boredom, he used up my last pregnancy test so I might as well pick up a few more"

So I did. I made it home in time to find Pec moaning and writhing on the living room floor. So I got him situated with his soup and Gatorade and decided I might as well take a test.

I must interject that we were not planning on getting pregnant any time soon. As a matter of fact there were several of reasons why we shouldn't have been able to get pregnant, but that's what makes it such a beautiful miracle from the Lord.

I took the test and left it on the bathroom sink since it takes a while. I continued helping Pec and I started packing and soon had forgotten all about the test. I eventually had to go back into the bathroom for something when I remembered the pee stick :)

I was just about to throw it away when I looked at it and saw the two little lines! I think I passed out for a couple minutes, came to, passed out again and decided it was time to tell Sicky (Pec).

I was bawling my eyes out and waving the stick around as I tried to communicate to my dear husband that he was now a father. He coughed out "Really? Really? What? How? Really?"

We spent the next couple of days in total shock then things actually got a little scary.

Four days after we found out we were pregnant, we learned that there was a good possibility that I was losing the baby. We prayed together harder than we've ever prayed and asked that the Lord give us peace if He chose to take our baby home. It took about two and a half weeks before the Dr. gave us the "looks good" sign. And now, even though I'm on bed rest and have morning/afternoon/night sickness we are feeling hopeful about baby!

We are learning to hold this baby loosely and to trust God with this pregnancy. We are celebrating the sweet gift that the God has given us and are so excited about entering this next stage of life!!!