Monday, May 31, 2010

Penny's Attempt at Crawling

Just in the last week Penny has really started doing well at tummy time. I noticed today that she has started trying to get somewhere. I'm not quite sure if she's actually trying to crawl or just scratch an itch on her face. :)

By the way, the spaceship sounds humming in the background isn't the mothership it is our air conditioning. I don't think it's been feeling very well.

I apologize in advance for the baby talk, it annoys me but I just can't help it!

I'm hoping, for the sake of Penny's face, that she'll be able to figure out this crawling thing, even if its pretty early. In the meantime I'll just laugh at her and post videos :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Four Months Old!!

My little Penelope is four months old!! I can't believe this time has flown by! She is so much fun. I feel like NOW we are finally in the swing of things. She makes me laugh every single day.

I took her in for her four month appointment last week and basically found out what we had suspected. She is really tall and really skinny. She weighs 13 lbs & 5 oz and is 25 inches tall. They say that they are supposed to double their birth weight by 4 months but she still has a couple of pounds to go. Its such a blessing that she is healthy and gaining weight. She still fits in most of her 0-3 month clothes but has gotten too long for most of her onesies.

They did say that she has a case of eczema so I'm putting lotion on her 5 to 6 times a day and if that doesn't make it better in two weeks then they will put her on a steroid cream.

She started rolling over this week and is really starting to enjoy tummy time which she has loathed up until now. She laughs all the time and has really started finding her voice, which is so stinking cute. She also loves to chew on everything including my face. :) Every time I try to put my face next to hers she tries to eat it.

Ok, here is what you (the moms :)) were waiting for, the pictures :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Home: Kitchen

We haven't done a lot to this room. But it still looks a little different plus the new appliances add so much! We got them almost a year ago and I am still so thankful!!

Here is the kitchen before...

How it is now (sorry its crooked)...

Another one...

To the right :)...

What we've done...
New fridge
New oven
New microwave

What we want to do...
New dishwasher
Stain cabinets
New cabinet doors
Granite counter tops (where's priceless granite when you need it?!
Oh yeah, they're in WA ;))

So this one doesn't look much different. We don't know if we'll be able to make any of the changes besides paint but that would be some of the goals that we have. At least it gives some of my WA friends an opportunity to see our home :)

Next up...

The Deck! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Apologies to Megan. I mean Rachel.

Through the years people have described me in several different ways. "Smooth" has never been one of them. If you're new to this blog, you should probably understand that this is just a string of several embarrassing moments that take place daily. I thought these moments would lessen as I get older and more mature but now they are happening at a rapid pace.

One of those moments took place last night at my brother's graduation from The Master's College. I was excited to attend, not only to see him graduate but also to reconnect with old friends and classmates.

Jona, ever the gentleman, had dropped me and Penny off and had left to park the car. If he had been with me I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten myself into this situation. I had just walked in the gate and was talking to my friend Kylie, when a girl walked up.

"MEGS!!" I said, "How are you! It's been over a year since I last saw you! I think about you all the time Megschnizzle! Megan, whats been happening? I've missed you Meggo! ..." blah blah blah. It went on and on.

She was so sweet and gracious and was excited to see Pens and catch up a little bit. We laughed a little, I gave her several hugs and then we went on our way.

When Jona finally came in I said, "GUESS WHO I SAW!!!?? Megan Blah-Blah!! (her last name is obviously not Blah-Blah, but for the sake of protecting a little dignity that's what we'll call her)

Jona: "Who is Megan Blah-Blah?"

Me: "Are you kidding? She used to come over all the time. Jona, she's a good friend of ours! Come on, how could you forget her?"

Jona: "Do you mean Rachel Blah-Blah?"

Me: GASP!!

Jona: "Please tell me you didn't call her Megan"

Me: "Oh man!! I am such an idiot! Not only did I call her Megan, but I gave her every "Megish"nickname I possibly could."

Jona: "Oh honey" (spoken sadly)

Jona just shook his head and my face almost exploded in embarrassment.


In all fairness, I know a girl named Megan with the same last name as Rachel. However, they are not related and do not regularly swap first names. I texted Rachel several times to apologize & she said she didn't notice. Yeah right. Megan is such a liar.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Much to my husbands disappointment, I have never liked Mexican food. I just don't understand the point of having to douse your food with hot sauce to get the desired flavor when the end result is the inability to taste the original food.

Because I am a Proverbs 31 woman (cough cough) I occasionally die to self and suggest we eat Mexican. That selfless offer however only extends to Taco Bell and Baja Fresh. The latter is where one of my most embarrassing moments took place.

As weary of spicy Mexican food that I am, I typically order a VERY mild burrito which consists of chicken, lettuce, sour cream and cheese and I go to great lengths to make sure nothing even remotely spicy touches my food. Even pico de gallo. That's where I went wrong.

The exchange went something like this.

Cashier: "Hello welcome to Baja Fresh what can I get for you".

Me: "Hi. Um... I'd like a baja burrito please."

(thankfully i knew it was pronounced "ba-ha" and not "ba-ja")

Cashier: "Okay"

Me: "Actually I'm gonna modify that a bit. I only want chicken, lettuce, sour cream and cheese."

Cashier: "Um okay"

(He's probably doing everything in his power not to roll his eyes at this point)

Me: "Oh. And one more thing. Please leave off the..."

(Shoot. What is that salsa-ish stuff called? Oh yeah...)

Me: "...Cinco De Mayo..."

At this point the cashier nearly chokes and immediately starts cracking up. I obviously realized my mistake and as fast as I could and scanned the menu for the correct word. It didn't matter though, the damage was already done and the cashier is practically on the floor laughing.

Cashier: "Cinco De Mayo?! CINCO DE MAYO?! Ok, I promise, we'll leave all the Mexican holidays off of your burrito!!

I can't even tell you the rest of the story. I think I may have passed out in pure embarrassment. I most likely crawled to the corner and choked my burrito down in shame.

Happy Pico De Gallo!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Home: Master Bedroom

Like 500 years ago I promised that I would post pictures of our condo and the changes that we have made to it. I keep forgetting to take pictures but I finally have taken a few. I will try to post some of the pictures during the before during and after process of some of the redecorating/painting/etc. stuff that we have done.

Here is how the bedroom looked before we moved in...

I don't have any pictures of the in between because I was newly pregnant and newly pukey :)

Here it is now...

Here are a few more...



Sorry the pictures are so dark. I took them with my iPhone. I could take them with our camera but I'm not 100% sure how to download them to here.

We had to replace the closet doors because the previous owner wallpapered them and then drew on top of the wall paper with crayons (not joking). I am still not a fan of the curtains but I don't really know what else to do because closet doors are stinking expensive!!

Here is what we have done...
Removed popcorn ceiling
Installed ceiling fan
Removed closet doors
Replaced with curtains
Painted walls
Put up blinds and curtains

What still needs to be done...
Get a closet organizer
Actually put pictures in some of the empty frames :)
Carpet the room (they are coming to measure today!)
Figure out a better solution for the closet doors
Take better pictures!

There you go, for any of you who care! ;) Hopefully I will be doing a couple more of these posts in the next couple of days!

The Bandana

I have to admit that I'm a little insecure about my child's head. She is finally growing some hair but she still has a serious case of male pattern baldness. I'm not the only one who's noticed. As a matter of fact, I got 4 comments today at church about how bald she is. My friend Janel, recently joked that even if it was 105 outside I would still put Pen in a hat to cover up her baldness. I'm not really that insecure or vain. She's a baby for pete's sake, but she does look so cute in some form of head covering.

I recently got this cute little pink bandana as a hand-me-down and I couldn't wait to try it on Pen. She gave me some of the funniest pictures when I put it on her cute little bald head. Here are a few...

She's not looking to excited about the upcoming photo shoot

Just when you think she's warming up to the idea...

I start getting the funny grumpy faces...

"Mom! Cut it out!"

Ok. Little disclaimer here. I know it's probably not ok to make fun of your child. I promise as she grows I'll try to work a little harder not to damage her self esteem (or whatever we're supposed to call it). But sometimes it's just so hard not to laugh at her. In fact, its impossible. So while I can, here's me making fun of how incredibly dumb (but cute!) my daughter looks in this picture! When I saw it I had tears streaming down my cheeks I was laughing so hard!
Here we go...

By the way, does anyone else agree that "bandana" is a stupid word? I must have spell checked it ten times. It just doesn't look right to me. It's kinda like the word "garage". Ok, I'm rambling. Good night!