Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Distraction

Well it has been a long four weeks on bed rest. That amount of time spent doing absolutely nothing hasn't created a lot of blogging ideas. But I decided I would write a quick little post to distract me from my strong desire to vomit. (I know, that's gross, but get used to it, because you are now reading the blog of a sickly pregnant woman).

Here are some random tidbits from the last four weeks....

- My husband is INCREDIBLE. There has never been a kinder, sweeter more selfless man! He serves me every way he possibly can. He has had to balance work, me and trying to fix up our condo so that its livable. I love him more right now than I ever imagined possible!

-Peanut butter crackers are da bomb! I typically am not a fan, but recently I have eaten far more than my weight in these little "nausea killers". I thank God for them every day!

-People who smoke should probably be shot. I am thankful for the sweet woman who sold her house to us, but I wish that she had never smoked. I literally lay awake at night counting the number of cigarettes that she smoked. We are very SLOWLY moving from room to room to paint and scrape the ceilings so eventually the smell will be gone.

-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the sweetest show ever created. I every morning I watch it and bawl like a little baby. I asked Pec if we could try to stage some kinda disaster so that we could be applicants for the show. We're working on it :)

-Taco Bell is of the devil! The first couple of weeks Taco Bell was all that I could think about. Now I literally gag every time a commercial comes on. NO BUENO!

-I have the greatest friends, in-laws, and family in the whole world! I can't tell you how my parents & Phil and Darlene have served us in this time! Darlene texts me every day offering to make a meal, or get groceries or whatever! They are awesome. My family has been here the last couple of weeks and we have had a total blast together. They are the coolest people on the planet.

Ok, I think nausea wave #87 has subsided so I'm gonna try to hit the showers. Wish me luck!


  1. Taco Bell is no bueno...I love it! I couldn't go near a movie theater for 6 weeks for fear of the smell of burnt popcorn, or anywhere near the seafood section of the grocery store. Praying for you sweet cuz! I can't wait to hug you and Po!!! xoxo

  2. From a total stranger..

    Congratulations! and my sympathies... my husband called me "Puke-a-hontas" :0( But the buzz around the OB office is that while the nausea is no guarantee, it often means a "strong" pregnancy - lots of hormones workin' for ya.

    It's totally out of context, I know, but I prayed this verse when I had some concerns during my first pregnancy... "Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus..."

    God be with you,


  3. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -- love that show!Sure, it's one giant advertisement for Sears, but what they (and the thousands of volunteers) do for needy families is wonderful. And yeah, I bawl like a baby, too. -sniff-

  4. Hey Suz,
    When I was really sickly and nauseous, I would puree pineapple and then freeze it in ice cube trays. Once frozen I would pop those in the blender and it kinda makes a slushie. Give it a try!

  5. Another total stranger here:

    If we were good friends and I lived in your neck of the woods, I'd bring over fresh boxes of crayons and markers and this coloring book:

    Coloring is one of those things I enjoy doing as an adult, but almost never take the time to do it. I thankfully was never on bed rest, but always thought it would be a wonderful option to have available when you're bored with TV or games or books. It's just fun.

    Sorry you're puking a lot. I didn't have too much trouble in that department. I learned to keep a balance between not getting too hungry and not getting too full helped--and protein is my friend.

    God bless you both. Actually, all three.