Sunday, June 20, 2010

Penny and the Pink Pants

I've gotten a little behind on posting some pictures recently, so the next couple of blog posts will probably just be mini albums of our monkey.

I got these pants at Baby Gap and I absolutely love them even if they're too big on her still. I love this kiddo!

P.S. My husband keeps telling me that I write captions incorrectly, that they're supposed to go below the picture. So I will take heed to his advice, even though to me it seems like you should read it first then post it.

"What mom? It's picture time?"

Hmmm.... Maybe mom won't notice if I walk away

"Mom how 'bout we forget about the pictures and you
just come sit right here, next to me"

"So how do you want me to pose? Like this?"

"How 'bout all cool, with my arms up, like a gangsta"

"This is my model pose"

"Let's take a break and hug it out" :)

We moved to the floor where I got one of my favorite pictures of Penny ever! She's so cute I could just eat those cheeks! :)

Then she looked up at me with this really exhausted look on her face.

I took a break to look at some of the pictures I took and when I looked back at her she was like this...

The End!!


  1. So much work to be cute and just sit there. Love the pics- she is very sweet. Auntie Sarah loves to show everyone pictures of Penny. All you have to do to get her to talk is ask about Penny and she turns into a jr. high girl again. I think that's the way it should be. Have fun with the fam.

  2. A junior high girl? Hmm..... :-)

    I sure do love little Penny!!!! I'm sure it does not compare to a mother's love but there is nothing like being an Aunt. It's a whole different kind of love.

  3. Love this post!

    How come I wasn't listed on the blog roll? I posted just recently. Where's the love?

  4. Nine pics (excluding the "exhausted one") definite grounds for a break. She better get use to it, huh, notoriety has its price. Love the last one - I actually would like to be able to do that some days after work, but alas, no carpeting nor nice shaggy rug like that one. Keep clicking mom, we all love it!

  5. Im with you on comment then pics Swoooz