Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

To say that I'm behind in blogging would be the understatement of the year. I can't say that I haven't tried to blog, I just felt like everything I wrote was kind of whiney.

We moved the computer into our bedroom to make some room in our living room. There have been many nights that I couldn't sleep so I would roll out of bed and try to write something. Praise the Lord He always prompted me to wait until morning before thinking about publishing it on here. Once I reread it a few hours later, I would laugh at how dramatic I was being and move on.

I will say that these last six months have been a huge learning experience. I may have mentioned before that my home church (my dad's church) split this last Christmas. It has been extremely painful, as most church splits are, and it really rocked my little world. It has hurt and it still hurts but God has been so gracious through this season. The church is doing so well and God is really blessing in so many ways.

God also used the time to work in my heart and help me see my discontent. I have really struggled with not living close to my family in Washington. It caused dissension in my marriage and a major attitude of bitterness in my heart in several different areas. God has changed my heart so drastically. I adore my family and GBC and I will cherish every opportunity to spend time with them but God has made LA my home and I am so thankful. I have a wonderful husband, home and in laws. It has been such a blessing in disguise in more ways than I can count!

So all that to say, we are doing really well. I am more in love with Jonathan than ever and in my honest opinion, Penny is the cutest thing on the planet. I am several months behind in posting updates and pictures so I will try to be better about that!

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  1. I was so happy to see that you had a new post...then I was sad to see how much you have gone through, why you have waited so long to post....May God bless you and your family, especially your parents and their church.

    I am happy AGAIN to be seeing new pictures of the adorable Penny in the near future!

    My husband and I and our son Jonah live in San Antonio Texas. I love your blog, you are so clever and cute in what you say! [Back in the day, I used to read your husband's funny blog :)] We're glad you all are doing well!!!

    Love, The Darr's