Friday, November 30, 2012


This year we got to go to Oklahoma for a mini Johnson family reunion. We had so much fun being all together and got to share an incredible BBQ Thanksgiving on the Saturday before. Oklahoma is really such an awesome place and we loved being able to stay with and spend time with Jona's Grandpa, "Pa", who is easily the coolest man I know over the age of 60 :) 

Everyone, from his children to his great grandchildren, absolutely adore and love spending time with Pa! We wish that he lived closer to us, but that would probably put us in competition with some of the Oklahoma Johnsons and I quickly learned that a lot of them carry guns :)

As is usual, I didn't take many pictures, so here's just a couple from our trip. 
I'm sure my sister-in-law will post a bunch on Facebook.

We went to the Coney-Islander in Tulsa, which is basically the most inexpensive, yet delicious hot dogs you can buy! Jona went to this place when he was just a kid and he really wanted to go back so we did! It was a lot of fun!

One of my favorite things is watching Jona be an Uncle. 
I already know he's an amazing dad, but watching him wrestle with both of the kids is just awesome.

Pen and Ray (my nephew) absolutely love each other. 
They play hard and would probably be together all day, every day if they had the option!

We got to visit the Bass Pro Shop while in Tulsa, which is always a favorite!

Pen looks seriously concerned at her Dad's story-telling capabilities! :)

Getting ready to board our flight home!

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