Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Quest For Me Casa

We are trying to buy a house. Or a condo. Or a townhouse. Or a barn. Or a dog house. Whatever. We just want to own something so that we aren't flushing our money down the toilet every month. We have been looking all over the valley, trying to find something thats remotely liveable!

When my sweet husband, Mr. Pecadillo, said that we are going to be able to start looking at houses, I started dreaming big. I pictured 4 to 5 bedrooms, our massive jacuzzi tub, the pool with a waterfall, and of course our stables. Basically, I pictured this...

As we started looking at houses in our price range, I started realizing that this dream of mine would not be coming to fruition any time soon. As the excitement wore off and reality started to set in, I determined to be content with whatever God would have for us in this pursuit of home ownership.

We have probably looked at over 40 different houses, condos or townhomes. Because its difficult to keep them straight,  we decided to name them. Here are a couple of the ones that stood out the most to us, mostly due to the ridiculous fact that anyone had ever lived in them.

1. The Saloon House- All of the doors in this condo were saloon doors. We also visited other condo's in this development and none of the others had these weird doors. I just can't imagine what that woman must have thought when she came home one day to discover that her husband had turned her condo into a tavern.
2. The Willie Wonka- We walked into a house that we both thought had a lot of potential. Until, we saw the add-on that some moron put on his house. Basically he walked out into his backyard and decided, "I think could add about three more bedrooms back here!" As Pec walked from one end of the house to the other the room slowly got smaller and smaller, like that scene in Willie Wonka.
3. Throw the Baby Down the Hill- I honestly fell in love with this house. However, in the backyard, if you take about 10 steps away from the house you will stand on the edge of this massive hill. Pec, our realtor (the amazing Mike Tagliere) & I, were all looking down the hill. Our realtor said, "Well this is a house you could raise your babies in" There was a slight pause then he said "but you'll probably lose them down the hill". I thought that was so funny.

Well those were just a few of our options. We are happy to say that we finally settled on our new home! Here it is! In case you were wondering, its the green one on the right. 
The smaller wood one is our garage. 


We can't wait to have you over!!


  1. By the way, even if your blog isn't as funny as Jona's it is still a great thing! Sad to admit that I am a complete blog-a-holic, so blog on my friend, you now have your first subscriber!

  2. Susi,
    You are amazingly can write too...keep it up. I laughed so hard when I read this. I'm your second ;)

  3. Don't worry Suzi, after you publish your first book of humerous anecdotes you'll be able to move up to your dream home in Malibu!!

  4. Suz, you're hilarious! I'm so glad you have a blog. Happy house hunting :)

  5. Love it Suz! Our first house was infested with rats...hope you do better!

  6. I can't wait to come and visit you new home! ;)So lovely! :D

  7. So the baby hill is off the table? Baby Susi and Baby Amy were so looking forward to tumbling down the cliff then getting stuck in the electric barbed-wire fence* at the bottom! I like the new place though... nice and roomy!

    *details may have been added to make this comment more interesting.

  8. Welcome to the blogesphere, Mrs. Pec! I look forward to many more fascinating stories as you move into your new home. You might want to bring an extra blanket . . . it gets cold up here.

    A Musician by Grace

  9. When we first walked in the backyard of the house we did buy, we were "'et up" with chiggers (for definition check out any good 'ol southern dictionary.) We survived and bought the house anyway - the LORD was very good to provide us with this house that we are sharing with a guest right now who needed a place to stay and the LORD knew we (my husband & i)need "much fruit".