Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 30th Anniversary Oma & Papa!!

Yesterday was my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary. They deserve so much more than us kids could give them. Besides my husband, they are my closest friends. Not a day goes by that I don't think of reasons why I love them and why I am so thankful that they are MY parents. I could write for hours about their Godly character qualities, but since it's their anniversary, I will choose to focus on what makes them such an incredible husband and wife to each other...

My dad has always said that the thing that he loves most about his marriage is that mom is his best friend. This has always been so evident. They stay up every night talking for hours. My dad's goal has always been to encourage those around him to grow in their relationship with Christ. It has been incredible to watch mom grow to love God more because of dad's leadership.

One of my favorite things is watching my dad watch my mom. We always tease Mom about her long winded story telling, but I love how dad watches her and smiles when she laughs. He makes her laugh so hard and also can encourage her like no one else in the world.

My dad has freed up my mom to do the things that she loves and enjoys. He loves her heart for the Lord which I believe shows so much about his character.

My sweet mom couldn't be a better wife to my dad. She has been a perfect example of submission to everyone that observes her. She lives her life primarily to honor Christ and secondly to serve and be a helpmate to my dad.

My mom would never tear my dad down. As a pastor's wife people often come to her to give their list of complaints about my dad, she is faithful to honor my dad and his ministry in every conversation.

My mom has taught me countless ways to love my husband and show me how to respect him. Every single day she strives to know my dad better and pray for him. If I could be half the woman my mom is my marriage would be successful.

If it isn't obvious, I love them more than words can say. My husband loves them too which has always been one of the biggest blessings to me.

Praise God for the gift of marriage and for the men and women who show us how to love each other while loving God all the more.

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