Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Update-15 weeks

I know I still have some things to cover as far as our vacations, but I thought I would give my readers (aka "Mom & Dad") a baby update.

We are currently at 15 weeks. We are getting so excited as the baby seems to be healthy and we have had more and more time to imagine what our lives will be with little baby whatever. :) We currently call the baby "Pinkie" (I'll explain in a sec). Words can't express how much we already love this little one!

It seems as though this pregnancy has been a little complicated. I put every ounce of hope that I had in July 18th. It was supposed to be the day that my 2nd trimester started, therefore sending the morning sickness on it's evil way. No such luck. My days are spent napping on the couch interrupted by violent dry heaving. I have really worked on counting every single second of nausea as a blessing. I honestly don't feel discouraged by it. I am thankful for symptoms that allow me to know this baby is healthy and growing, and in the meantime have caught up on my sleep.

In 17 days we will find out if we are having a little pinkie (girl) or if we have forever ruined our son's masculinity by calling him such a girlie little name :)

P.S. This ultrasound picture was taken at 12/13 weeks? I know our baby looks like it's armless, my kind Doctor informed me that he/she indeed possessed two perfectly normal arms. As a matter of fact, when the Dr. showed me the baby like this, I couldn't stop laughing, which made the armless baby look like he/she was dancing, which made me laugh all the harder. In explanation, those are the baby's shoulders :)


  1. Don't forget your third reader...ME! So glad the baby is healthy, but sad you are still sick :( P.S. The bat story...HILARIOUS. Though I'm sure it wasn't so hilarious to live it...iiick. xoxo

  2. Baby is SO cute! No arms and all!

  3. the baby is doing the "chicken dance" it must be from all of the chick-fil-a you have been eating!

  4. After reading your post about names, I can't help but come back to this one and comment after Beth... and don't forget about your 4th reader. :) I eagerly await your posts because i usually cry laughing so hard when I read them.