Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's A.... GIRL!!!

At least we think so :) Today was our OB appointment where we hoped to learn the gender of our little wee one :) I was very sick at the beginning of the appointment but very excited.

At first the nurse told us we wouldn't be able to have an ultrasound but I tried to flash my dimple and sweet talk our doctor. I should have realized that a fat, sweaty, pukey pregnant girl has no charm whatsoever, but he was very gracious and took the time to give us an ultrasound.

I'm coming to realize that what I think is cute about my kid probably no one else does (except for my faithful parents and in laws :)), but, THIS BABY IS SO STINKIN CUTE!! It literally looked like she was doing the "YMCA" dance, or some other form of aerobics (she clearly doesn't take after her mama).

Her arms were up then down, to the left, to the right. Then about ten more reps of that. She was in a pretty awkward position so my doctor took the ultrasound thingy and practically started punching my belly with it. She. was. ticked. It was like she new exactly what we wanted and there was no way she was givin' it up easy!

Our doctor said that he was 80% sure it was a girl and I'll take it! :) It's looking like this feisty baby will be named Penelope Mae Johnson :) Of course if it turns out to be a shy boy we will still be thrilled!


  1. Congrats Friend!! I'm so excited for you and your husband and your soon to be family!! and i think Penelope Mae is super cutee! love you and still praying for ya!

  2. Can't wait. Love the name. I'm counting on at least one dimple.

  3. Sure, and twenty years later, her daddy will still be calling her "Pinky." Really, just ask my "Pandabear"... :o)


  4. Yeah!!!! That is so wonderful! I love whatever name you pick, because she is going to be an absolute doll and such a fun girl.(her parents are!)

  5. I can't believe I missed this.... 80% YEA FOR A GIRL! I love you. Tell the belly I love it too :)