Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Penny

We have been blessed with a very expressive little girl :) Its kinda humorous actually, my entire life, I've always had people confront me on my facial expressions because it can look like I am glaring or like I am really annoyed. Typically I'm just thinking about something and somehow it communicates that I wanna kill someone. It's looking as though Penny has the same "angry eyes"

Here are some examples (by the way, I've already posted the majority of these on facebook, so sorry for the redundancy) ...

Then there are the "Are you kidding me?!" pictures...

Mom's trying to make her stand up by herself here, not really amused

Then of course, there are the smiley ones...

Sorry, just one more. I couldn't choose. :)

Ok, sorry I know these pictures are going on forever. Here are just a few random ones that make me laugh...

Deer in the headlights

Looks like she's yelling at me

She was so desperate to eat this bunny :)

"Yes Sensei"

Who you lookin at?

I have no idea what this face says but it makes me laugh

The "Popeye"

Penny's evil plot to take over the world
(PS I have no idea whats on in the background :))

I think Penny is just as sick of the pictures as you are :)

To close, here are a couple of my favorites...

Ok, thanks for letting me share some of these pictures with you! I don't mean for this blog to turn into a big Penny picture album, but it seems like its becoming one. I'll try to actually write a post next time instead of making Pen do all the work :)


  1. Suz, quit apologizing for taking all the pics - You're a new mom - It's your job to be crazy about your baby - relax - besides there were no comments here anyhoo, so no one was complaining. I love the one of Penny in pink(?) top and navy blue pants and that face - like she has been told she can't listen to veggietales for the 90th time (personally i don't care for veg..., but i guess they are better than barney!?). feel free to "brag" on your girl and take all the pics you want. Thank you for sharing your new life with Penny with all of us out here - i love it all! The LORD give you strength and energy to keep up with this little lady.

  2. That girl's husband is going to have "some splaining to do". She's not going to let him get away with anything.