Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ducky Robe & The Mickey Hat :)

These are some redundant pictures of a cute ducky robe that Penny's Auntie Wa Wa (Aunt Sarah :)) gave her. For the record, Sarah hates the name "Auntie Wa Wa", so if you could encourage her to like it I would appreciate the help :) Auntie Wa Wa spoils Penny like crazy. A perfect example is by buying her a ROBE. What 2 month old needs a robe? Apparently Penny does :) And believe it or not, now she has two. Here are some pictures I got of Pen today trying out her robe after her bath.

She's not really sure what she thinks...

"What do you think mom, does it make me look fat?"

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Don't lie to me mom..."

"Ok, you're right, I look super cute"

Ok, I'm a little embarrassed about how cheesy that was. :) Moving on to the Mickey hat...

The Johnson family are big Disneyland fans. Before Penny was even born her Grandma Johnson bought her this hat. It is really cute but kinda looks incredibly ridiculous on Penny. I can't wait to put her in it at Disneyland. It made me laugh so hard today. Sorry for the weird facial expressions and the death grip I have on Pen's arm to keep her upright :)

I have no idea what this face means except for that it
seems like she thinks she's pretty cool

Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever seen?!


  1. So cute! She looks great in her little robe! I actually think that little hat looks cute, maybe because it's pink. I'm so glad you posted pictures of her in the robe. Maybe she could wear her little bathing suit for her next photo shoot ;-) Auntie Wa Wa sure misses her little Penny!

  2. She is adorable Susi...thanks for posting pictures. I sure enjoy looking at them and seeing her grow. You are a good mom!!!
    Love ya,