Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Penny's Pink Pedal Car

A few months ago, Penny recieved this adorable little pedal car from a sweet friend of ours. We haven't given it to her yet because she was still a little too young for it. Recently though, we've noticed her pulling herself up on everything she possible can and may be even getting close to walking!! We decided to see what she would think of the car and she was SO EXCITED!!

Feel free to ignore the laundry on the couch as well as my husband's foot which manages to find its way in the majority of the pictures.

Here daddy brings it to the top of the stairs...

Here's her expression as we bring this little bit of pink magic into her life. (In case any of you are gagging at what she is playing with, its clean, we don't use it on her and there are no boogies in there.)...

Then total freak out excitement takes place...

Here it is along with my husband's blurry, pasty white leg :)

"Wow! This thing is amazing!!"

If you'll notice, this picture is smaller than the others. I decided to bless each of you by not including even more of my husband's leg. But look at her face!!

Penny riding the car for the first time (sorry its blurry) ...


She loves her car! (another blurry pic, but she kept dancing so it was hard to get a good shot)

One of my all time favorite pictures!!!

The End!!


  1. SO CUTE!!! I'm glad you posted the pics! I miss you guys!

  2. oh how cute! i love this age!!

  3. Stinkin adorable! It's like Christmas morning!

  4. absolutely adorable! And her reaction is so so so sweet!
    (we've reached the phase of blurry pictures too... you just can't get them to stop moving long enough for the camera to take the blasted picture! i think we'll start taking pictures again when he's 5. )

  5. A Mary kay distributor in training.

  6. What a happy Penny; what a cute car. To be envied by Barbie, for sure!