Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ever since I could remember, it has been a dream of mine to have a little girl. Whenever I would picture what she'd look like she would have these cute little pigtails. Imagine my dismay when for the first year of her life, Penny was almost completely bald! I can now say with confidence that my child has hair!

As a matter of fact, she has a killer mullet going on. I have been told several times (ahem Janel) that I need to cut it because its getting a little hillbilly, but I refuse to cut those precious locks that we have been waiting for all these months!

Anyway, If finally gave pigtails a shot and I thought she looked super cute! Here is some photographic evidence...

Yes, I am aware my child looks freakishly tall.
She is really tall for her age, but not that tall!

See what I mean about the mullet?
There's just not much hair on top

This is Pen's BFF the Mr. Vacuum.
Whenever I try to use it she lays down in front of it
As if I am forcing it to clean against its will.

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  1. Stephanie and I are sitting here making fun of you, but only because we love you and want you to blog more! We want more funny Penny stories!
    Elizabeth Callaghan