Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Update!

I thought I'd give a little update on baby Johnson #2! We had a little bit of drama a couple of weeks ago and it kinda gave us a little scare. My only real pregnancy symptom was a sore lower back and some nausea. I woke up one morning and my back was just aching. Throughout the day it got worse and worse and I could hardly move. With it came horrible nausea and vomiting. I went into my massage therapist and I eventually went into urgent care because it was just hurting so badly. 

They got us into our OB/GYN the next day to see if it was pregnancy related and we had an ultrasound of the baby. The baby was measuring a couple of weeks behind and my doctor thought that I may have a slipped disk due to the hormone "relaxin" that causes all of your ligaments and joints to stretch to make room for the growing baby. We asked him if we should be concerned that we still hadn't heard the heartbeat by this point and he seemed almost as concerned as we were. He set an appointment for us to have another ultrasound the following week and said that we should definitely see the heartbeat by that appointment (our fourth ultrasound).

It was a difficult week of waiting but the back pain was almost a blessing in disguise because it was very distracting! They sent us into an orthopedic surgeon and they basically said the only things we can do right now is physical therapy and they got me a back brace which has helped immensely!

We went back for our 4th ultrasound and I got to see and hear a BEAUTIFUL little heartbeat. I cried. I just had the worst feeling going into that appointment and I was so very thankful that this little life was preserved! 

Amazingly, now that the back pain is mostly gone so is my nausea. If I wasn't a little hungrier and a little more fatigued I would have no idea I was even pregnant, which is a huge change from my pregnancy with Pen!

We are so thankful!!!


  1. So glad that this pregnancy seems to be a little easier than the last and I hope it continues! So excited about another baby!

  2. Susi I am SO thankful to hear that all is well, and that your back pain is manageable. :] Praise God!

    I love you!

    (Cousin) Erin :)