Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Pics

I cannot get over the fact that summer is over! I am thankful to try and set up a bit more of a schedule but I will miss these unscheduled days with Pen!

Here are some recent (and random) pictures from the last few weeks...

I am so thankful for our little pool at our condo. 
We love going down there at night when no one else is there.

A couple of weeks ago my dad was invited to speak at our friend's, the Koh's, church in Laguna Beach. They had a blast and were spoiled for an entire week. We were only able to make it down on Saturday but we had a great time with mom and dad and the Kohs! Pen obviously didn't get a nap that day and fell asleep on my mom's arm at dinner.

I know I say this all the time but it breaks my heart that they don't live closer :(

My mom was in heaven!!

During the summer Grace Community does patio fellowship nights and my sweet friend Lisa planned this awesome boardwalk themed night. It was a huge success and Pen loved the shark stuff!

This was from one of our potty training days where Pen and I went out to lunch away from the house to make sure she could be out and about without an accident. She did great!

This needs a little more explanation. My poor husband told me several months ago that he never got Student of the Month as kid and it used to make him so sad every month when they didn't call his name. Jona's cousin worked for Grace Community school (where Jona and I both went as kids) and she helped me get a student of the month certificate from him signed by his 1st grade teacher and the principle. It was pretty fun :)

I love this little ham!!

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