Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Dallas Part 2

It is 100% true that this love comes instantly and completely! I heard my little boy's cries and thought my heart would explode! Even when they brought him over to me all yucky and gross all I could see was how beautiful and perfect he was.

They kept telling me the entire pregnancy that he could be well into 9lbs if not 10! I was expecting to have this really big chubby little man but instead I had a perfect little 7lbs 12oz, 20.5 inches tall. He only cried for a second then I drifted off in and out of consciousness as they wheeled me into recovery. I don't remember it but apparently Dr. Frields told the nurses to do whatever it takes to get me into a private room, which was so kind of him. I think he may have felt kinda bad about the whole back dart game. :)

I was so enamored with little Dallas. He barely cried the entire time and was just so soft and snuggly. I was shocked to discover that feeding came really easily especially since I couldn't breastfeed Penny at all. We had a really bad experience with the nurses during Pen's birth but this time the nurses were amazing. We even had a nurse who took two nights during her shift and patiently taught me how to breastfeed. I am so thankful for her!

Even though the initial c-section wasn't the best experience our hospital stay was really great. I barely slept at all but that was only because of this adrenaline high I got from holding and kissing my new little boy. I can't believe I love a little boy this much!! He slept perfectly through the night pretty much our entire stay he was just so perfect!

The only really difficult thing was not being able to see Pen. I had envisioned her walking into the hospital room and getting to hold and kiss her new little brother. The good thing about it though was that Dr. Frields told me that once I was able to get out of bed I would be allowed to go out to the waiting room and see Pen even though I couldn't bring Dallas with me. That was really such a blessing to be able to kiss my little girl half way through our stay.

I have to take this opportunity to say how absolutely incredible my in-laws are. I know that they were so excited to meet and hold Dallas, and they got to briefly but my mother in law really devoted her energy into making sure that Penny was happy and distracted and didn't miss us too much. It blows my mind how my in-laws serve us so tirelessly!! The only time Penny really broke down was Sunday after church and I think that was because everyone kept asking her if she had gotten to hold her new little brother and I think it just really overwhelmed her and made her realize that she hadn't been allowed to see us. Thankfully we got to come home the next day.

It is absolutely amazing that God can double and triple a mom's love for her babies. I am so thankful that God gave us this new little man to love and I am still in the stage where I am so excited he's here and in our family! Here are some pics from the rest of our hospital stay...

Getting to hold my son for the first time!
Me and my boys. Just missing my precious Penelope

Dallas and his Oma and Papa

The most amazing, perfect little boy, Dallas Phillip Johnson

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