Sunday, May 10, 2009

O Sweet Carbs, I miss you!

So like I said previously, I have told all my little carb friends to run away and leave me alone for a little while, like forever. They refuse to stay away and like to dance in front of my face about every five minutes. 

I even dream about carbs, Seriously. In my dreams they look like those talking m&m from the commercials. Except for that they are completely white and smiley. They are sad that they can't eat lunch with me anymore. I'm sad too. 

Anyway... now that you think I'm a total freak, I found a couple of solutions!

By the way, if you happen to be more knowledgeable about nutrition than I (which believe me, isn't hard) and it turns out that all of these supposedly low carb foods I've found are actually extremely bad for you, don't tell me. If you rain on my health parade, I might have to kill you.

1. Cashews!!!
Who knew I would fall so in love with cashews! I can only eat like 10 at a time, because they're high in fat, but they are amazing!

2. Gum!!
I daily praise the Lord for the little blessing of sugarfree chewing gum! It curbs craving and leaves my breath oh so sweet!

3. Pineapple!!
Holy cow! Is pineapple not the best fruit EVER!! I'm falling more and more in love with it every day!!

4. Whole Grain/Wheat/Nut bread
I can only have one slice every morning, but it is like eating an ice cream sundae to be able to add bread to my diet! Ok, not really an ice cream sundae, but I'm counting my blessings!!

5. Crystal Light
Since I am drinking 500 (no, I am not exaggerating) gallons of water a day, its nice to give it a little flavor once in a while. Crystal Light pink lemonade is to die for!

6. String Cheese
I love this stuff! Its good and its fun! Be warned however, the low fat stuff is no bueno!

7. South Beach Protein Bars
I have never been a big fan, but these aren't too bad! Especially not the peanut butter ones! 

8. Trader Joe's Stuffed Chicken Breast
This is the by far the best thing that I have gotten to eat on this diet. Poor Pec had it for dinner three times last week. Sorry babe! But it actually feels like I'm eating real food!

Ok. As I'm reading over this list I'm beginning to see how pathetic I am. But... my body is supposed to be a temple and right now its still a Chuck E Cheese or something along those lines! 

For now, the rest of you can keep my little friends company while you eat your...




  1. Yea Snooz!! Those are good for you foods!! Let me know if you need any other diet friendly foods. We're pretty experienced in that category. :) In fact, just made the Lindora recipe for Healthy Hawaiian Stir Fry tonight. Yummy!

  2. I'm so proud of your discipline! What about hard-boiled eggs? I've been craving them like crazy since being pregnant for some reason.

  3. A few more things:

    1. Pistachios: they're pretty cheap at Costco, and at least on South Beach you can have 30. They are less fat than Cashews, I think.

    2. The Low-Fat String Cheese at Trader Joe's is muy buono.

    3. Buy some flank steak from TJ's or Costco (or wherever) and freeze it w/some teriyaki sauce. The sauce has some carbs/sugar, but it's more a marinade. Then, pull it out in the morning you want it, let it defrost/marinade during the day in the sauce, and then grill it.

    4. Trader Joe's also has some frozen chicken w/gorgonzola that's really good.

    5. Cottage cheese with cinnamon and splenda is a good sweet/protein filled snack...and I don't like cottage cheese, but I like it.

    6. A lot of salad w/vinegar-based salad dressing (and I love putting feta cheese on mine), just minus the croutons.

    7. If you go to Costco (or Trader Joe's), they have really good chicken or turkey sausage (like, the big ones, not the breakfast ones), and I usually live on those while on South Beach. The Adelle's (sp?) are really good, but expensive and higher in fat. They usually have healthier types with things like spinach or different cheese or peppers.

    Keep at it!

    P.S. I totally dream about pizza, too. You're not crazy.

  4. Sus, I laughed so hard I, thanks for that. You are on my list of Queens of Awe-sum (as is your man..hee hee). Check my blog to see what I'm talking about. LOVE YOU!

  5. I have been enjoying your blog for awhile and finally just had to comment on this one! I, too, have enjoyed low-carb diets in the past, always thinking "I just LOVE everything I can eat on this diet...with a roll and dessert!".

    I'm giving up carbs myself tomorrow...all except my morning bowl of oatmeal. About a week into this diet, that too tastes amazingly like ice-cream (right up there with a hot fudge sundae!).

    Thanks for the laughs.