Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where I've Been...

Hello to the two of you who still check this blog! 

I'm sorry that its been FOREVER since I've written last. I promise that I won't allow this blog to resemble my sweet husband's, who only graces us with his blogging presence once a year.

I don't think I was ever more busy than I was in college. People would always tell me, "just wait, life just gets busier". That statement always made me want to punch them in the mouth, but maybe there was some truth to it after all. 

These are a few of the things that have been taking up all of my time for the last 3 or so weeks...

1. Choir tour- as you learned about in my last post. I spent a few days with my screaming, texting, crying, laughing beautiful junior high and high school kids. 

2. Teaching Piano- I recently added 500 piano students. Ok, its only 10, but it feels like 500. If you are reading this and have ever had me teach you or your children, I apologize.  I don't think that I'm a horrible teacher. I just am extremely inconsistent because my life is way to busy and irregular to be able to block out a half hour every single week. I do love teaching piano though!

3. Starving myself- Yes, I am being sarcastic, at least kinda. The newlywed life hasn't treated my metabolism too kindly to say the least. I may or may not have put on a few pounds or 10 or 20. I have started this good/horrible Lindora diet, that actually seems to be working! I am proud to say I have lost 2 pounds! Just kidding, I'm up to 16. The problem with this diet is that if I eat a piece of bread that 16 pounds runs straight back to me and attaches itself to my rear. This is really no excuse for not blogging but it has made life a bit less funny.

4. Moving- YEAAAAA!!! I am still in the excitement faze and not quite into the "I want to shoot myself" faze. I've packed a whopping 10 boxes so far and that was only J's DVDs. Escrow is looking good, I think. It is absurd to me how difficult the process has to be. Why can't we just trade some cows and chickens and be done with it!

5. Work/The Play!!- I just finished my SCCS Spring play, And Then There Were None. It went really well, I think. The students did an incredible job. It was a little stressful, ok A LOT stressful, but I'm once again, glad I did it. This whole last week and a half I was putting in 18 hour days. It was pretty intense. But no one died, and I only sent one kid to the ER. So I'm thinking it was pretty successful! I now have two weeks until the elementary spring play. It never ends.

I'm not 100% sure what my husband looks like anymore, but summer is just around the corner!! J was talking to me about possibly getting a summer job. If you know anyone who wants to pay me to sit at home, watch movies and dream about carbs give them my number!


  1. Hi Susi, Just wanted to say Hi. I would love to see you in the summer to catch up. We can get coffee or carbs I promise!

  2. Life is busy? Just wait until you have kids! Bwahahahahahahaha!


  3. "This is really no excuse for not blogging but it has made life a bit less funny."

    Well, it sounds more entertaining.

  4. lol well, there are at least 3 of us!

  5. Aww Sus...your cousin will be there in no time to make it all better! :) Don't forget June 29-July 2nd! One of those days we're doing Disney! Love your blog.

  6. Five!! My job consists of sitting at employer's home two days a week interacting/caregiving with "Special Daughter", watching one movie (two days a week (every week!) - "It Takes Two" - next week we are going to start acting out scenes - for real!) and dreaming about going home to my hubby, JRT, Chi, and first cup of coffee of the evening. We even get to sing- "Who did, Who did, Who did, Who did, Who did swallow Jo Jo Jonah...!" Did I mention I actually get paid for doing this-YEP.

  7. I'm telling you, as the chubby fourth grader reading Sense and Sensibility in the corner of the playground and enrolled in Weight Watchers(no joke) limiting carbs works the best for me. I LOVE (and hate - I dream of pizza) the South Beach diet. I'm just waiting for sweet Merian to get weaned and then I will suffer and crave with you.