Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Year of Bliss!

I have been so excited to write this post! Exactly one year ago today, I was getting ready to marry the man of my dreams. Jona and I are currently in Washington to return to the place we got married and spent our first two nights as a married couple.

In the days leading up to our wedding, I was so nervous I could hardly eat. I so deeply felt the weight of the commitment that we were making and prayed that in the hours that remained that the Lord would miraculously make me the perfect wife.

He didn't exactly do that :) but He did bless me with a gentle and patient husband and poured His grace on our marriage. I can't imagine a better life.

I LOVE THIS MAN! I can truly say that I am so happy and beyond content to be married to him! He is a man of integrity who cherishes me and
spends his days finding ways to serve and encourage me. Even right now, as I am writing this post, he is sitting across from me on the couch massaging my feet. :)

I love you my sweet husband. I can't wait to spend 70 more years with you. Our little baby is going to have the best dad ever! Thank you for being such an example to me and for loving me even when I am so unloveable. Happy Anniversary my love!


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary, you two! Miss you so much it hurts, and love you even more! COME SEE ME!!! xoxoxo

  2. It's a little late but "Happy Anniversary" cutie pies! This is Mrs. "C" and Matt had an amazing time being Best Man! Wow! Where did that year go?
    Sherri (Sheryl)