Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching Up

Thats right! Our little Penelope Mae will be here in 6 days!! I can't even believe that it is that close! At the same time, it feels like an eternity away. But before I get into all that, I'll catch up on the last couple of weeks...

Christmas was awesome. We spent Christmas with the Johnson's early because we weren't all going to be there for Christmas day. Phil/Hoss/Jona's dad made his famous chicago style pizza. It really is rather amazing. My dad insists that the main reason he let me marry Jona was so that I would steal the recipe. We had a really great time with them and they spoiled us (and Penny) rotten!

A few days later my entire family had an entire week of celebrating Christmas together. It was so much fun. My amazing sister, Sarah, is the queen of making family get togethers fun. She arranged for us to play games, decorate cookies and win prizes. We had such a good time. I really appreciated them all coming out since I was a little sad that I couldn't go home to Washington for the holidays. I actually cooked Christmas dinner for us and it went so well! I could hardly walk and everyone had to get out of the kitchen if I wanted to turn around (thats only a little bit of an exaggeration, I am gimondo) :), but everything turned out really good! Praise the Lord!

Incredibly, even though my family had a whole week to just sit around and vacation they became turbo blessings. They cleaned our entire house. Not just cleaned, but organized, fixed, straightened, scrubbed... Everything!!! My dad replaced all of our light fixtures and probably electrocuted himself about 50 times. It was so funny to hear him yelp from the other room. :) Our condo is looking better and better! I didn't even realize how much stress I was feeling over how unorganized everything was. They really were a blessing to us.

Ok, well I wrote this blog like three days ago so I'm gonna go ahead and post it and then hopefully write another blog about Penny coming!

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