Monday, January 11, 2010


I can not begin to tell you how weird it is that I am going to be a mom in 3 days and 12 hours!!! What in the world!! I'll be honest and admit that I'm freaked out, terrified, thrilled, excited, happy and anxious all at the same time.

I am so grateful that God has bestowed this little blessing on us. I am praying earnestly that I won't take her for granted, that I will raise her to love the Lord and that I will hold her with an open hand.

I should probably back up to my last couple of OB appointments. She has been solidly breech since 24 weeks. She literally hasn't budged her little head from my right ribs. I have been so excited about her staying breech because I figured it would let her come sooner and I wasn't opposed to a c-section because at least everything would be planned. Now... I feel a little differently. Ok, really differently. I DO NOT want a c-section. I completely understand that for a breech baby it is the safest option, but I am praying that she will change her position. If she doesn't then we will deal and just be fine.

We are scheduled for the c-section Friday, the 15th @ 7:30am. Our plans have changed a little and we are going to try for a ECV (external cephalic version) which is where they apply a ton of pressure to your belly and manually manipulate the baby into a head-down position. It is supposed to be pretty painful, but if it works and the baby turns then I can hopefully be induced immediately and have her normally. If it doesn't work then I'll go ahead and have the c-section.

Praise the Lord we have a great doctor and trust him completely. If he decides to change the plan then that is totally fine with us and I will in no way put up a fight. Ok, sorry if thats way too much information.

We are getting ready for little Pen to come. The nursery is almost completely set up (thanks to my amazing sister) and the car seat is loaded in the car. My body is probably the most ready! I have been so uncomfortable, itchy, swollen, and have had some really intense contractions. My walk has passed the stage of waddling and now I just kinda roll :)

I am hoping to post once more before D-day, but in case I don't, I will have Jona give updates. Ahhhh!! I'm so excited!


  1. Yay Sooz she will be here so soon! I will be praying for you that you do not have to have a c-section! I am finally at peace that I had to have one but at the same time I hate that I did and I would never wish that recovery on anyone! I cant wait to see pictures of little Penny!

  2. Hi,
    Have you ever tried the pelvic tilt? Lie on your back and lift your pelvis into the air (with pillows under you) for 15 minuted twice a day. Not much fun, but more fun then a ECV or C-section. It worked for me...just a thought. It might not be too late.

  3. Hold on, they aren't that bad! Love you and CAN'T WAIT for Penny benny bo denny to make her grand appearance!

  4. Hi Susi! How exciting that you're so close...pregnancy is so beautiful- but it's nothing like holding your little daughter in your arms! I was going to recommend the pelvic tilts too, Maiya was breech until the very end, and it helped flip her. Congrats in advance to you & your husband!

  5. So excited!! Your dad even announced it at church...I think that he is just a little bit excited!

  6. Please see my blog for further suggestions:

  7. See if you can cross your legs until Monday. That's Clayton's birthday! :-)