Friday, July 11, 2014

Update on my Dallas

Dallas is such a blast. I still am so in awe of how much I love this little guy! He is just the sweetest blessing! I cannot believe he is 15months already! It has literally just flown by.

Dallas is such a fun little guy. He is walking and almost running and he climbs everything. He can get up on every couch, bed and table. He lives for the pure thrill of immersing both arms in the toilet for as long as he can before mom catches him. He loves all things dog related and loves his sister with all of his heart. I am still his favorite which, I'll be honest, I absolutely love but he gets so excited to see his Dad and yells, "Naaaannnn" for Penny every morning to try to wake her up.

Dalls lives in his big sister's shadow and doesn't need to be the center of attention or make a lot of noise. I can easily take him to the mall for two to three hours and he will quietly sit in his stroller and just hang out. That being said, I also call him my little bulldozer. He pulls down every drink (again, to put both arms inand walks around the house and gathers as many knick knacks as possible to either break them or hand them to me.

He is so sweet 99% of the time but he also has this wild temper that can simultaneously crack me up and send me to my knees in prayer for him. When he gets mad he will crawl away as hard and fast as his fat little legs will take him and he'll clap his hands really fast. It is seriously the funniest thing.

We love calling Dallas our little man-child. It was really starting to get old that everyone we came in contact with would comment on how big he is but I finally just accepted that that's how God made this kiddo! I totally laughed with the pediatrician at this last appointment when he told me Dallas's head is barely on the chart. He is 70th for weight and 80th for height. I still think he is absolutely darling even if he could probably beat me in an arm wrestling match.

Oh I love this little boy so much!!! Thank you Lord for my Dally!

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  1. So cute! I love this. Dallas and Shirley sound similar on the growth charts. Shirley is 76th in height, 75th in weight and her head is in the 85th percentile. We also get comments all the time on how big she is! It certainly does get old!