Friday, July 4, 2014

Visit from Oma!

I wrote this quite some time ago but for some reason I never published it...

The night we returned from our vacation my mom flew into town to surprise my sister Stephanie for her 21st birthday. We LOVE when my mom comes to town! I really miss her all the time and hate that my parents live so far away! Penny just adores Oma and can't get enough of her!

Mom flew in Wednesday night and the next morning Mom, the kids and I drove to Master's to pick up my sister and surprise her. Here is the video...

Aren't they the cutest?!
The kids and I took Steph and my mom to Disneyland and it was such a perfect day! Mom and Steph got stuck on Space Mountain for a really long time and actually had to be evacuated by the fire department but because of that Disney gave us several "front of the line" vouchers so it worked out pretty well!

Mom, Penny, Dallas and I drove down to Long Beach and got to see Disney on Ice! 
It was awesome and Penny loved it but Dallas was completely wild the entire time and I barely watched five minutes of it. We still had a great time. 

I absolutely love this picture of my girl.

We really had so much fun having my Mama here. I love her so much and it always makes my heart hurt that I live so far away from her. She is such a great Grandma to my kiddos and such a dear friend to me. Love you so much Oma!

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