Friday, July 4, 2014

Update on my Penelope Mae

I recently looked through some really old blog posts and while I hate reading the stuff I wrote (self obsessed much?!), I loved reading and seeing the pictures of Penny when she was so little. I have barely blogged in this last year of Dallas's life and I want to do a much better job to be able to look back on how much these little blessings have grown and changed!

I love being a mom. It is so exhausting and a thousand times harder than I ever imagined it would be but it is also the richest and most sanctifying and rewarding process. The longer I am a mom the more I panic about how little I know. God is so gracious to remind me that these kiddos are His and that He will be faithful to enable me to raise them (and hopefully not screw them up too badly) Ha!

Penny- Penny is four and a half! I can't even believe that! She is at such an interesting stage. She is still our little girl and is full of wonder and energy and joy but she is also growing up so quickly. She battles her heart and her emotions on a hourly basis and I have really been so taken aback by how she truly wants to honor the Lord! Penny is such a perfect balance of both of us. She is funny and sweet like her dad but is also weird and emotional like her mom. She makes us laugh CONSTANTLY. She comes up with the funniest things to say and her sass, while it often gets her in trouble, just absolutely slays us.

 Penny loves all things girly and she wants to wear dresses 24/7 but she can also wrestle and be thrown around like a cage fighter. She adores her dad and hates when he sleeps, works or does anything except for playing with her. She also loves her brother. Almost a little too much. She loves listening to stories and will sing and perform anything for anyone. I love her so very much.

She recently finished her second year of swim and it went so much better than last year (Thank the Lord!!) She loves playing with playdough, having family time (wrestling with mom and dad), going to the mall and book store and playing with her cousin, Ray or best friend, Olive. 

She still can't say her y's and I hope she never ever can. I guess by the time college rolls around she can maybe start to pick it up, but for now I just love it! She recently came home from Sunday school and told me, "mom, today I yearned about yittle Yincoln. He never told a yie."

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  1. I love when you update your blog! Penny is just so so beautiful.

    Love, Becky