Monday, February 22, 2010

My Sweet Oma

I meant to write this publish this post a while ago, but I got a little busy. I have been now an entire week without my mom's help and I have missed her every second. I have been so blessed with a husband who serves me nonstop and without a word of complaint, but there is just something so special about having your mom with you after you have a baby.

I have always had a great relationship with my mom. We talk often and easily. She is so compassionate and tender hearted. I would bet your a million bucks that you will never find a woman who loves God or her family more. I adore my mom and have always wanted to be like her. Well this time with her increased that love for her even more.

Mom and dad came up about a week before she was born and mom stayed for two weeks after. She was such a blessing to Jonathan and I. She cleaned every day and helped take Penny in the early hours of the morning so that we could get more sleep. She would take little Pen and read to her what she was reading in her quiet times. REALLY?!! Amazing!! My mom is so incredible and Penny is lucky that she has two sets of Grandparents that love her and more importantly, the Lord.

Not only did my mom work for endless hours serving us, but she also made me laugh, comforted me when I cried and encouraged me. She is so much fun and there were times that we would wake up Jona because we were laughing so hard. I miss her like crazy and am counting down the minutes that she can come see us again. I love you Oma!!

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