Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Months Old!

My sweet little girl is 2 Months Old today! I cannot get over how fast this all goes! It makes me sad that she is growing up but at the same time I am so excited for the things to come! She makes me laugh every single day. She seems to have a personality already and I am loving be her mom!

She smiles all the time. Every time I try to take my camera out her smile turns into this weird cross-eyed expression that makes me laugh even harder. She seems to be pretty content with life but there are those moments every day where she is definitely not a happy girl. I think that she really is a good baby. I don't have much to base that off of since I'm not around infants that much, but at least I think she is. :) I love being her mom!

Jona just recently went back to work. It has been so lonely around here without him. I realize that I am so incredibly spoiled that I got to have him for almost seven weeks! LAPD really comes through for dads apparently. He is so great with Pen and it would melt your heart to see how much he loves her. He makes me laugh a lot. Every time I try to talk to Penny he overhears and answers for her. Something like this...

Me (to Penny): "Hi sweetie! Are you still sleepy?"
Jona: "Yeah, I really am."
Me (to Penny): "You're probably so hungry huh?"
Jona: "I'm starving, is there anything to eat?"
Me (to Penny): "Wow, we've got to change your diaper!"
Jona: "Ok, but let me eat first."

I honestly think that Penny is going to be a funny kid. She is so much like her dad and I hope that she picks up his sense of humor too.

The thing I like the least about this whole process is scheduling. I hate it. I can't wait to reap the rewards of being on a schedule but it is so hard. There is a lot of crying that comes with it. Penny cries, I cry and I'm pretty sure our neighbors are crying too. I know I'm being dramatic, and truth is, it is getting so much better. As a matter of fact, right now, Penny is taking a nap in her crib, which was completely unheard of a few days ago. I've gotten tons of advice on scheduling, feeding, crying it out, etc. so I think we're in a good place.

Sorry, for the boring post. I don't mean to be one of those moms that tells you when their kid sneezes, but right now my life is completely wrapped around this little monkey, which is exactly how I want it to be!

Here are a few pictures of our little girl...

I love this concerned look that she is always giving me. Like, "mom, are you sure about that?

Here's another one...

This is that cross-eyed expression that I was talking about

Finally, some smiles :)


  1. she's absolutely adorable and beautiful :o)

  2. I love that you love being a mom Sooz! I must admit you are a wonderful mom, you are caring, sensitive and loving to your precious little Penny.
    When I was with you Jona's, one sentence that he repeated all the time, "I love her so much"! You both are doing a great job!

  3. Aww! She's so big now! And SO stinkin' cute! You're doing great job Mama!

  4. She looks like her daddy when she smiles. It does go fast- you blink and she will be getting married- but that's ok too. She is very cute. God is good to give us these precious little lives to nurture and give back to Him after we have finished our part. Enjoy this very special time together.

  5. Just curious what benefits you hope to get out of imposing a schedule on Penny?

    With my first baby, I noticed that she had her own routine by the time she was about 12 weeks old, and I worked with it, molding it to something that worked for our small family at the time. For example, I eventually went back to work full time, so she quit taking a bottle after about 4 p.m. and waited for me to get home at 5:30 to 6 so that she could nurse (at which point she would start nursing every 2 hours until midnight, then she'd "take a break"--LOL--and wait until 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. to nurse. She liked her milk fresh from the tap--barely took anything from bottles). With each successive child, I noticed the child's normal pattern a bit younger...but also, life was getting more and more hectic, so each successive baby had to "learn" to go more with the flow. I don't think my 5th child is going to end up somehow "lesser" because she has no real schedule in her life. She seems to be a pretty happy toddler. ;-)

    The newborn time just goes so fast, and a consistent thing I have heard from moms who try to implement a schedule is that they spend a lot of the early months with crying babies. I wonder if any "benefits" of imposing a schedule is really worth that heartache?

  6. You obviously love your baby very much and it is clear you want nothing but the best for her. However, it is clear that you have also been deceived about proper infant feeding. Scheduled feedings can hinder milk-supply, if you are breast-feeding. Be sure to nurse before she is crying. Crying is a LATE indicator of hunger. If she is to the point of crying, she is well past the point when she should have been fed. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends cue-feeding. There are few to no medical/lactation experts who recommend scheduled feeds. There is a reason God created those cues. It is sad that you are crying when your baby cries. Go to her! She needs you!! You need her! Closeness will only help your bond and your milk supply. Follow your God-given maternal instinct, and throw that schedule out the window. She will set her own schedule, and it will be easy to follow. Baby will give you many cues that she is hungry before she begins to cry - rooting, fingers in mouth, smacking, etc. Learn those cues. And enjoy your baby! Also, if she is having reflux, it may help to put her on her tummy or her side to sleep. Our son had pathological relfux and in his case, the pediatrician said he was more at risk of death from aspirating his own reflux than from SIDS. He was breastfed, and we co-slept, so that reduced the risk of SIDS, of course. But he was and still is a tummy sleeper at 2 and a half!