Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid Shots & Other Updates

I thought I would try to write a quick blog post since Pen is asleep and the house is mostly clean ;)

Have I mentioned how much fun this all is?! Penny will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! She is showing more and more of her little personality and we are just eating up every second.

The poor little thing had to have her shots last Thursday. I was dreading it so much. Every time I thought about it it made me sad. Just look at that face to the left. That's the kind of mood she was in right before they jabbed her. She was so confused but really handled it like a trooper. I am really thankful that God has given men the ability to create vaccinations to keep us healthy but its sad to have to watch her go through that. She only cried briefly but felt miserable for the next two days.

The worst part was that they didn't have two of the vaccinations that day so I had to bring her back in yesterday to finish. So she again spent yesterday and most of today feeling crummy. I've been keeping up with the Tylenol but look how sad she looks even while she is sleeping...

All her stats were good. She's 11 lbs and 23 1/2 in. tall. I finally figured out the whole percentile thing. She's right on track. It does look like she may have GERD (gastrointestinal reflux) because the kids spits up ALL DAY LONG and she is not a happy spitter-upper. Our pediatrician is giving us some different things to try to help her. Other than that, everything looks good!

In other news, I wanted to post these pictures of Penny at Crossroads. Rick Holland regularly introduces new kids in the ministry "lion king" style. We didn't think he would do it with Pen because we are not in leadership but it was pretty humbling to have an entire gym praying for your baby that she would love the Lord and serve Him with her life.

One funny thing about these pictures. Lisa Martin "tagged" me and Jona in them on facebook. When I went to see who posted them it was someone who spoke Russian. I'm not sure if they were visiting that day or if they belong in Crossroads, but the picture had several Russian comments below it and none in English so I have no idea what they could be saying about Penny. For all I know they could be calling her ugly :)

The scheduling has been going fairly well. It's hard to set a schedule when you go out all the time and I haven't really been able to figure out how to work around the nap time stuff. I don't want to be a slave to it and as a wise woman recently told me, its there to serve us not to stress us out (or something along those lines :)). She does not like her crib very much but it seems to be getting better.

Anywho... sorry there's not much to say, but at least my family will be happy for some new pictures :) So here are a few more to leave you with...

Here's Pen watching TV with her mom. She doesn't really seem to approve :)

Although someone will probably call CPS on me, I just couldn't
resist drawing a smiley face on her cute little belly :)

Here's a close-up :)

Morning time with Daddy (aka, my hot husband)

I was so sad this picture got cut off. She was laughing SO hard!

Some other happy pictures...

Finally, my sweet little girl all worn out

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  1. I love those pictures! Thanks for posting them. I love the little pink and brown striped outfit! So cute!