Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Mall

I have to admit that I love to shop. I have such a hard time having self control when it comes to buying clothes for Pen, kids clothes are just so cute! Thankfully, since they redid the Valencia mall there are now a lot of fun things to do other than shop and Pen gets so excited when I tell her that we are gonna go to the mall. Here are some pictures of various trips to the mall :)

She loves going on these little rides just so that she can hug these guys. 
Haha, she makes me laugh :)

This cracked us up, I was looking for a dress with Jona and Pen and she just started
rocking out to the store music. Then she got tired :)

We love the carousel!

Of course we stop in the Disney store to watch a Tangled clip and to color.

Thankful for these fun little moments with my darling girl!

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