Monday, July 9, 2012

Stephanie Graduated!

We'll just skate right by the fact that I haven't posted in an eternity and move on to a big event in the life of the Zimmer family! My youngest sister, Stephanie, graduated this last month! We had the privilege of going up to Washington to support her and watch my dad give the commencement address. It was such a precious event and I am so proud of Steph! She is an incredible girl who has allowed God to completely transform her life! 

Steph and her Bros

This picture kills me. I love Jona's face 
and that David is laughing so hard

The Siblings!

My precious Aunt Carol who graciously came to
 celebrate and fatten us up with her amazing cooking. 
She is so much fun and we were so blessed to have her with us!

Another picture of us kids. Unfortunately my sister in law,
 Julie, couldn't come because of work. We missed her!

Stephers and I

This was the best we could do :)

To watch Steph's relationship with my parents is really incredible. 
We prayed for her for so long and it is amazing to see how God answered our prayers!

Jona, David, Pen and I drove all night to be at the graduation. Pen was a total angel in the car and didn't fuss, whine, or misbehave. However, the second we arrived at graduation the kid was WIRED!! She wasn't disobedient, she just seriously needed to get some energy out. I have never seen her so hyper!

Beautiful Steph

Yep ;)

Brother and Sister

We had a great time! Proud of you Bird!

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