Monday, July 23, 2012

Penny's Room Redo

I have no idea what was wrong with me and my decorating tastes when I was pregnant with Penelope. I wanted a girl so badly but I didn't want the girl decor. I stayed far away from anything with rainbows, smiley faces and pink and unfortunately, for the first few months of Pen's life, you would have thought I had a little boy. I repented of my stupidity and fully embraced the joys of having a girlie girl, but that was after I did her nursery.
Since Penny is now potty trained, I could take the changing table out of her room and free up more space. I wanted to make the room more girlie but we also didn't want to spend much to do it. The Lord was incredibly kind and provided all of these little blessings along the way and I am really loving how its turning out! Here are some before pics- Confession- I may have taken these when her room was at its messiest, just so that I could have a more dramatic transformation. ;) (Sorry all of these pictures are so dark!)

Before: I know this is pretty bad and yes my daughter has a pregnancy pillow in her bedroom. 
It was actually helping her sleep to be in the "boat" :) You can see some of the polkadot stuff, it's cute and I would probably use it again if we had a boy but it definitely doesn't scream Girl!

We also never got curtains for her window. Oops!

 This is her closet, which was terrible both inside and out. The woman that lived here before us frosted the mirrored closet doors. We have no idea why and have had a really difficult time getting it off. 
Its a project that is still on our list. There's no excuse for how bad the inside looks except that it desperately needed to be organized.

 After: Looking at this picture doesn't look like a huge difference but trust me, its much better!

Here's the After: There were a couple of neat things here...

1. Bedding- I saw this bedding at restoration hardware a few years ago and of course, I loved it, but it also cost like $170! My parents have a RH outlet by their house and on my last trip up I found it for like $30! I folded it over to fit her toddler bed but it will fit a queen size mattress. I bought a $5 crib sheet from Target to match it & its perfect!

2. Little Car- A sweet friend gave this to Penny when she was born, I love this little thing and it fits her room perfectly!

3. The curtains come from Ikea and they were so cheap and a perfect gray for her room. They also make the room much darker so it makes it easier for her to sleep.

4. The print above the bed I got on Zulily* for like $5 and I already had a frame so it was perfect!

Here's a close up of the print, she loves naming all the animals!

This is a little embroidery project that I'm working on to frame for her wall

I found this quilt on Zulily* as well, it was originally $360! It was on sale for $100 and I had a $65 store credit so I got it for $35! The problem was that it is way cuter in the picture than in real life and I'm not sure that I love it. I can't return it and I don't really have any other place for it to go so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it.
 This is what it looks like on the ground. 
It kinda looks like it has a Star of David theme,
 which wasn't exactly what I was going for. :) Thoughts?

We got this bookshelf at Ikea for $30 and these little wooden tags are also from Zulily. 
I think I got all of them for $5

 I'm not finished with these shelves, I just am not really sure what to put up there yet. 
They are also from Ikea and were $6 each

This kitchen is my favorite thing in the whole room! Our sweet friends, the Kims, gave it to Penny and she just loves it! Its also absolutely perfect for Pen's gray and pink room. The numbers were another cheap Zulily purchase and I had the frames (which need to be filled).
 I need to re-space the numbers out but its a start! 
The bookshelf was also an Ikea purchase that works perfectly for all of her books!

I still need to hang some pictures over her bed and I'm working on a pink quilt for her chair but its coming along and I think it finally looks like a little girl's room!

*Zulily- If you don't know about Zulily you are totally missing out! Its a deal of the day website (kinda like baby steals or woot) but it has everything from baby clothes to home decor to strollers to women's clothing. It's pretty awesome and I hardly buy clothes from stores for Pen anymore because these clothes are much cheaper. If you're interested in signing up, here's my link...


  1. Cute! I bet Penny loves it. :)

  2. I absolutely love what you did here! So cute. I'm inspired.

  3. Good job, Sooz! I love it

  4. Sooz, so cute! Great job honey, I love her room!

  5. Thanks you guys (and Mom) ;) Its a start!

  6. It's hard to know without seeing the quilt up close and in person, but could you embroider/applique/something letters or pictures or Penny's name or something to change the quilt (you mentioned you don't care for it?) The room is so cute, by the way :-) -Jessie :-)

  7. I need to go shopping with you!! You have great taste - love the room!

  8. Hey Soob! I love the room and I love the quilt (?) or is it a rug? Whatever it is, I really like it! I really need to get to work on a boy room for Luke, you inspired me not to get overwhelmed but to trust the Lord, even for these seemingly insignificant things. :)