Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Much to my husbands disappointment, I have never liked Mexican food. I just don't understand the point of having to douse your food with hot sauce to get the desired flavor when the end result is the inability to taste the original food.

Because I am a Proverbs 31 woman (cough cough) I occasionally die to self and suggest we eat Mexican. That selfless offer however only extends to Taco Bell and Baja Fresh. The latter is where one of my most embarrassing moments took place.

As weary of spicy Mexican food that I am, I typically order a VERY mild burrito which consists of chicken, lettuce, sour cream and cheese and I go to great lengths to make sure nothing even remotely spicy touches my food. Even pico de gallo. That's where I went wrong.

The exchange went something like this.

Cashier: "Hello welcome to Baja Fresh what can I get for you".

Me: "Hi. Um... I'd like a baja burrito please."

(thankfully i knew it was pronounced "ba-ha" and not "ba-ja")

Cashier: "Okay"

Me: "Actually I'm gonna modify that a bit. I only want chicken, lettuce, sour cream and cheese."

Cashier: "Um okay"

(He's probably doing everything in his power not to roll his eyes at this point)

Me: "Oh. And one more thing. Please leave off the..."

(Shoot. What is that salsa-ish stuff called? Oh yeah...)

Me: "...Cinco De Mayo..."

At this point the cashier nearly chokes and immediately starts cracking up. I obviously realized my mistake and as fast as I could and scanned the menu for the correct word. It didn't matter though, the damage was already done and the cashier is practically on the floor laughing.

Cashier: "Cinco De Mayo?! CINCO DE MAYO?! Ok, I promise, we'll leave all the Mexican holidays off of your burrito!!

I can't even tell you the rest of the story. I think I may have passed out in pure embarrassment. I most likely crawled to the corner and choked my burrito down in shame.

Happy Pico De Gallo!


  1. If you and Teresa and Kimmy took a trip together it would be hilarious; those kinds of things would be happening every time you talked.

    Your next entry into "die to self Mexican" will probably be Chipotle. Kind of like build your own Baja Fresh.

    Thanks for making me laugh. Oh, and don't worry, Penny will get all of your brains and her dad's looks:)

  2. HAHAHAHA, I love the cashier's response! That's awesome!

  3. I saw your link at Pyromaniacs... Funny story! Hope you've found the courage to make it back to Baja Fresh! At least there's still Taco Bell! ; )