Monday, May 31, 2010

Penny's Attempt at Crawling

Just in the last week Penny has really started doing well at tummy time. I noticed today that she has started trying to get somewhere. I'm not quite sure if she's actually trying to crawl or just scratch an itch on her face. :)

By the way, the spaceship sounds humming in the background isn't the mothership it is our air conditioning. I don't think it's been feeling very well.

I apologize in advance for the baby talk, it annoys me but I just can't help it!

I'm hoping, for the sake of Penny's face, that she'll be able to figure out this crawling thing, even if its pretty early. In the meantime I'll just laugh at her and post videos :)


  1. Pretty cute!! Maybe she will be early with crawling, who knows!

    Are you teaching her sign language? Hopefully you still remember some of the signs that I taught you when we were kids :-)


  2. If she keeps this up she is going to have cauliflower ear. I typically don't like the baby talk but it is obvious that you love your little baby. She is very cute. I can't believe you're a mommy- wasn't it just yesterday that you were a freshman, playing the piano and bossing David around?

  3. Ahhhh Pen. You're so cute!!

  4. Wow, I know nothing about babies, but she does appear to be crawling (this from a no-mom). She sure is tall, I mean long and face to face, she sure looks a lot like Jonathan. Thank you for sharing your pics & video and look forward to many, many more. And baby talk all you want - it's a momma thing.

  5. Mrs. Pec. you prolly have lots of people saying Penny looks like her dad. She really does, especially in her smile. But my girls look like me too. And practically every couple I know, the first ones seem to look like their dads. Not everyone, but it's common.

    Anyway, once she gets going you'll need roller skates to keep up!

    blessings, Zaph