Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Apologies to Megan. I mean Rachel.

Through the years people have described me in several different ways. "Smooth" has never been one of them. If you're new to this blog, you should probably understand that this is just a string of several embarrassing moments that take place daily. I thought these moments would lessen as I get older and more mature but now they are happening at a rapid pace.

One of those moments took place last night at my brother's graduation from The Master's College. I was excited to attend, not only to see him graduate but also to reconnect with old friends and classmates.

Jona, ever the gentleman, had dropped me and Penny off and had left to park the car. If he had been with me I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten myself into this situation. I had just walked in the gate and was talking to my friend Kylie, when a girl walked up.

"MEGS!!" I said, "How are you! It's been over a year since I last saw you! I think about you all the time Megschnizzle! Megan, whats been happening? I've missed you Meggo! ..." blah blah blah. It went on and on.

She was so sweet and gracious and was excited to see Pens and catch up a little bit. We laughed a little, I gave her several hugs and then we went on our way.

When Jona finally came in I said, "GUESS WHO I SAW!!!?? Megan Blah-Blah!! (her last name is obviously not Blah-Blah, but for the sake of protecting a little dignity that's what we'll call her)

Jona: "Who is Megan Blah-Blah?"

Me: "Are you kidding? She used to come over all the time. Jona, she's a good friend of ours! Come on, how could you forget her?"

Jona: "Do you mean Rachel Blah-Blah?"

Me: GASP!!

Jona: "Please tell me you didn't call her Megan"

Me: "Oh man!! I am such an idiot! Not only did I call her Megan, but I gave her every "Megish"nickname I possibly could."

Jona: "Oh honey" (spoken sadly)

Jona just shook his head and my face almost exploded in embarrassment.


In all fairness, I know a girl named Megan with the same last name as Rachel. However, they are not related and do not regularly swap first names. I texted Rachel several times to apologize & she said she didn't notice. Yeah right. Megan is such a liar.


  1. I love your stories, Soob. I'm so sorry you've had to live through them but they're great for the blog! You've reminded me of a few I should tell on my blog!

  2. You're so funny - You write just like your hubby (i still laugh about the dishwasher, liquid & the wet dry vac)- in a way we can actually visualize the entire scene, story, etc. i loved the "Oh honey" (spoken sadly) - that gets a prize. keep writing down all these wild things that keep happening to you and you'll have a book soon and lucky you, you have a book editor right in the family!

  3. Mrs. Pecadillo:

    A few years ago, I started working at a new location. I met a young woman, Chrissy, who has a twin sister. I mean VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL.

    That same weekend, I'm at the Movie theater. Who do I see??? "Hey CHRISSY! How are you? Funny seeing you here, what movie are you catching? Did you work this weekend??..."

    This conversation went on for about 5 minutes...until the girl I was talking to said, "I'm not Chrissy-I'm MEGAN"

    OOPS! Megan is Chrissy's twin. Lesson learned. She just smiled and nodded to me the whole time until I shut up, and she got a word in.

    Don't feel bad. It gives you something to laugh at.

  4. Megs!!! Write them! Every single last one. I love when you blog. I should pay you to do it everyday. :) Tell the little girlies I said hello! Give Luke a big kiss on the cheek and tell your husband he's the coolest! Love, Subi