Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Part 2

As is usual for us, Jona wasn't actually off on Christmas day so we had to adjust our schedule a little bit. We celebrated our Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve's Eve and our Christmas on Christmas Eve. Did I lose you? :)

After spending the night out in the living room we woke up with very sore backs and with a very tired baby (and mommy) after the party Pen decided to throw herself all night. We still were so excited to have our first little Christmas as a family of three.

We quickly realized we had made a new parent rookie mistake. We had bought Pen the coolest little kitchen and we were so excited to have her walk in to the living room to find it in front of the tree. I had Jona take her in the other room while I opened the box and realized we were supposed to ASSEMBLE it. Who would have thought?! Anyway we went on without it and Jona put it together really late that night. It took the poor guy 4 hours! But Christmas (real Christmas) morning was totally worth it to see how much she loved her little kitchen!

Going back little bit, after we opened our gifts that morning we went over to Jona's parent's house for the Johnson family Christmas. Every major holiday Phil (my father-in-law) makes his famous, homemade, Chicago style pizza. We had so much fun together and we were all spoiled like crazy. Penny got so many fun toys and adorable outfits. It was a blast.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon...

Ray (my adorable nephew) got an awesome little dump truck which
provided endless amounts of entertainment for the rest of the day :)

See, told you :)

Tired little Penny cuddling with "Hoss" (Grandpa)

We had so much fun!!

(Thanks to my sil Anne for these pictures!)

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