Thursday, January 13, 2011

WA-Christmas Eve (New Year's Eve)

After our several Christmas celebrations in California we headed up to beautiful Washington to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my family.

I can honestly say that it was one of the sweetest times with my family in the last few years. We were all together and we were even joined by our sweet friends Scott and Sharon Frankfurt who have always been a part of the fam.

2010 was the year of some major trials and hurts both individually and as a family. God was so gracious to allow us to be together and to just experience such precious times of fellowship and laughter (and food, ha ha).

We celebrated Christmas Eve on New Year's Eve (I know, we are really confused on our dates :)) at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Its kinda been a tradition for us these last several years and this year was no exception. We were all pretty tired, especially Pen. But she had a good friend (Malia) and a spoon to hang out with.

Malia is the adorable daughter of our good friends Mark & Laurie Anne Ruhlman. We have known them for a long time and they have always been such kind friends to all of us. Malia is the sweetest, most laid back, best behaved little baby. My dad always says she needs to witness to Pen & get her saved. Its probably true! :)

Please ignore Malia's bruise and Penny's booger :)

Penny quickly grew tired of being witnessed to and entertained herself with a spoon for a little while. She seriously looked so funny but she just wouldn't let go of this spoon. She probably dropped 4 or 5 spoons of the dirty floor so by the end of dinner no one had their spoon.

"What? You would play with a spoon too if you were this bored"

"Look Mom! No hands!"

Our little genius :)

Penny also loves drinking out of anyone's and everyone's glass.
She can't get enough of it which is why her little shirt is all wet.
It's not drool I promise.

Here's a little break from the Penster.
My hot husband and my gorgeous sister, Stephanie...

One more spoon pic to finish it off! Isn't she a cutie!?

We were so exhausted from flying in earlier that morning that Jona, Pen and I all went to sleep before the ball dropped. We are getting SO old! :)

Christmas Day (New Year's Day)

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