Thursday, January 20, 2011


Another of the family day trips was to Seattle. Seattle is only about 45 minutes away from my house. We hung out at Pike's Place for a little while, but it was pouring down rain. After Seattle we went to the Rain Forest Cafe for my birthday dinner and then we had to drop off Jona at the airport so that he could get back to LA for work. It was very sad :(

I didn't take many pictures, mostly because it was dumping rain. One kinda funny/sad thing happened. Sarah, my Mom, Penny and I were waiting to cross the street when a big bus drove by and shot up a huge spray of water. I backed up as quickly as I could and managed to only get a little spray. I finished crossing the street and ran into Starbucks. I just happened to look down at Pen and she was completely doused. I wish I had a picture of it, but I felt so bad. She had so much water just pouring off her little nose and eyelashes. Needless to say, after that we spent some time in the van trying to get her dried off.

Here she is playing in the front seat...

And waving at people on the sidewalk...

Hey! I know that guy!


I just realized that Jona and I are wearing the same Salish sweatshirts in almost every single picture. Somehow we managed to forget that just because we live in constant hotish, never really cold weather, there are still other places in America that do get cold. We were very unprepared for the chill and had to purchase sweatshirts so that we wouldn't freeze to death.

My favorites :) ...

At the Rain Forest Cafe...


Pen & Mama

Pen & Dada

Jona & Steph
(You may have realized by now that Steph works at a tanning salon) :)

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