Monday, January 17, 2011

Salish Lodge

On our wedding night Jonathan and I stayed at one of my favorite places in the world, Salish Lodge. It is a beautiful resort that sits on top of Snoqualmie Falls. We told each other that no matter what, we wanted to try to go back there once a year. Well, Having babies and a single income hasn't made that exactly possible. :)

The cool thing is that every year Costco has a crazy deal where they give you a night stay, 2 spa treatments and breakfast for 2 for about 40% of the price. Don't you just love Costco? Anyway.. I saved up my piano lesson money and surprised Jona with a night away. My family graciously offered to watch Penny over night (Julie mainly watched her) and off we went.

It was such a gigantic blessing for us to get away by ourselves. My husband seriously deserves a medal with everything he had to put up with this last year. He is my best friend and there is no one I would rather spend time with.

Here are some pictures of the Lodge (I didn't take these :))

Half of the experience of Salish is eating breakfast in their beautiful restaurant that looks over the falls. It is un-stinking-believable. We left our camera at home so all we had was our iphone camera, which is why the pictures are pretty awful. Sorry.

At breakfast. Check out that view!

Warning: Lip Locking :)

It was really cold, but SO beautiful

My favorite...

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