Thursday, January 13, 2011

WA- Christmas Day

Christmas day was the best ever. It was so incredible to have Scott and Sharon with us. It was also the first Christmas with my beautiful sister-in-law and of course our little Penny! God has blessed our family abundantly. These people are my closest friends.

My mom always does such an incredible job decorating. It is so much work and it always takes her forever but there is just something about the way she does it that communicates so much love to us kids. I hope she knows we'll still make her do this even when she's 80! :)

As cute as this picture is, I feel like Julie's outfit deserves an explanation :)
Every year we have competitions in different things and whoever wins gets a prize.
Christmas morning's competition was best PJs.
Believe it or not, Julie didn't win.
(left to right, Mom, Julie, Sharon)

Here is Steph's contribution to the competition. She won :)

I love this picture of Uncle Scotty & my Mom

Mom gave the girls matching socks :)

Steph gave Pen the most adorable puffy jacket!
She loved it...


Even if it made her really top heavy :)

Once again, Penny was spoiled rotten

Uncle Scott & Aunt Sharon gave her the coolest book

Probably her coolest gift of all was a mini bounce house!!

More to come!

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  1. I love getting this precious glimpse into your Christmas!! Cute pictures. =)