Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures in Quilting Part 2

So this quilt went really really horribly, which is funny, because when you look at it, it seems so much easier than the last one. I was kinda ruined from the start because I used precut fabric (mostly because I was lazy). I found a charm pack (a set of coordinating, precut 5x5 squares) and all I did was sew the squares together. The problem was that the fabric was cheap, which Melanie (my amazing quilter friend) told me not to use cheap fabric. The squares were cut really unevenly and I didn't think it would really matter and that I could just compensate for it later. I couldn't.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of this one because it went really badly, but here it is. This was supposed to be a little girl's baby quilt but I wouldn't want to give any poor babies nightmares with this one ;)

This is before I bound it. I am incredibly sorry about my toes in the picture. If you look closely you can see that the squares and the rows don't line up. So much so that I wanted to do square quilting but I couldn't because it was so uneven. 

I realize that I'm probably coming off a little self-depricating, 
but if you saw these in person you'd understand what I mean :)

And finally, an instagrammed picture, just because it makes me feel a little better haha.

What I learned....


2. Again, I was so impatient. Once I figured out that the fabric was miscut, I could have recut them or just not used the bad squares, but instead I just blew through it. Oy

3. For the love, I have to learn how to bind!

Next up, quilt #3 (Don't worry, this one so far is going much better!)

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