Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures in Quilting Part 3

I'm falling in love with this little quilt. It has been really fun to make this one. I really took my time and only allowed myself to do a little bit every day. I, of course, made some mistakes which I'll get to, but some of the previous mistakes didn't show up on this one (at least so far). I'm not finished, I still haven't bound this one for two reasons. 1) I don't have a fabric that I like enough to finish it off with. 2) I still really don't know how to bind.

I based this quilt off of this tutorial that I found through Pinterest. It's a little busy (my version of it), but I really like it so far!

Piecing it together...

All sewn together and quilted

I'm falling in love with straight line quilting. Free motion quilting is absolutely stunning, but so far I have no idea how to do it, so in the meantime I'll use straight line. It looks a little more modern too.

This is what the back looks like, its a really nice, soft gray flannel.

Once I bind this one I'll show some more pictures, but here's one more.

What I've learned (am learning)....

1. DON'T USE CHEAP THREAD. I actually didn't even realize I was using cheap thread until I ran out and put on a more expensive spool on the machine. I couldn't believe how much better it was looked so I decided to go back and pull out the thread of the quilting I had already done. This alone made it take a lot longer.

2. Buy extra seam rippers. I lost my one and only seam ripper and wasn't able to go get another so I had to use a needle and scissors. MAJOR PAIN.

3. I learned to slow down a little on this. Part of it was because I had to pull so much out. Another part of it was that we went to San Francisco in the middle of this quilt (blog post to come) so I took a long break. 

4. I still REALLY need to learn how to bind!

I have a couple of quilts in mind to make next but I am not really sure what to do yet. I bought my first quilt pattern but have been unable to determine whether or not its in English ;) I really have no clue what I'm doing! ;)


  1. I'm super impressed! Are you pretty good at sewing in general?

  2. Haha Megs, don't be impressed. You are way more artistic than I! You would be great at quilting! My sewing skills are pretty basic. I've made Pen a dress and a shirt and they were a lot harder than these quilts!

  3. So proud of you Snoozer! Looks so great!

  4. Your skills are coming along nicely; good for you!!! Wonder if you would find youtube's binding tutorials by Eleanor Burns(basic, of Quilt in a Day fame) or Marci Baker( basic +, of Alicia's Attic/Quilt with Marci Baker) helpful? Search either person's name along with the words, quilt binding. In Eleanor's video, notice she is using an even feed/walking foot/attachment. If your machine isn't internally equipped with this(newer Pfaff are, unsure of other brands), switching to this foot helps the top and bottom fabric feed at the same rate. Maybe it is a shifting factor in your squares not aligning?

    I'm no pro/master quilter and while we aren't close friends, did do a bit of research(actually MUCH on varied needlearts) over the years while my dad lived with us while I was grounded physically; hope you don't mind me coming along to share until someone can help you in person. :-)

    If you are presented the opportunity to check local or state library systems ~ see if you can locate what is hard to find in newer used condition by Lois Caldwell. Though newer options abound, this is an older VHS interactive quilting class...hand quilting and some machine(log cabin EASY!). The BONUS is her showcasing many, many LOVELY completed projects of varied patterns at the beginning of each class. Plus participants share what they've learned, including mistakes. Shared below is a pic link of the videos from an expired ebay listing. Used library copies are oft found on Amazon. Send me an email if you have an interest and can't find; would be glad to see if I can put together the best viewable set from my "stash" to send you(to your FIL at GTY if that would be permitted for the sake of "neutral shipping" since you don't know me??? ~ you/husband decide).$(KGrHqV,!nUE-w5O)KyWBP2DHYLJJQ~~60_57.JPG

    Other quilter names: Harriet Hargrove(Quilter's Academy progressing volumes), Dierdra McElroy(That Perfect Stitch). You'll soon see that individual quilters suggest, different tools(threads all cotton vs. others, chalk pencils vs. vanishing ink, fabric thread counts, etc.). Your "niche" will unfold. The Gingham Goose quilting patterns make me smile. You???

  5. sorry so long ~ would have emailed but didn't see that option. :-)

  6. Joyce, I am sorry its taken me so long to comment on here. I am just now seeing this! Thanks so much for taking all of this time to offer advice on quilting! I really appreciate it! I will definitely look into some of those videos! Thanks again!

  7. You're days are very busy and you're very welcome ~ glad to share! :-)