Friday, August 3, 2012

San Francisco! Part 1

My husband is such a hottie!
I LOVE getting away with my husband. When I know we have a trip planned I look forward to it more than a kid on Christmas morning. What made this trip that much more special was that we got to vacation with our best friends, Ryan and Rachel Foglesong. Even though this post is supposed to be mainly about our trip, I want to introduce our dear friends to you.

Ryan and I went to TMC together as music majors and ended up playing in chapel band together. We went on a missions trip to Flordia and became good friends. He brought his sweet (at the time) girlfriend Rachel to sing in the community choir with us and had her stand next to me in the alto section. We hadn't known each other 5 minutes when I looked down and saw that due to a very minor birth defect, two of her toes are stuck together. I immediately told her we would be best friends because of her awesome toes ;) In spite of me making fun of her, we have been friends for several years and even got married a week apart! They are expecting their first little one in November and Jona and I could not be more excited to love on this little one! For a couple of years we had been talking about going on a vacation together and this last weekend we finally did!

Somehow I need to convince Jona to buy me one of these!
 My in-laws graciously agreed to watch Pen for us and we left last Friday morning. The first day Jona and I drove up the coast to Cambria and spent the night by ourselves in a little inn. The best thing about our room was this awesome jet tub that opened up to the room. Absolutely amazing!

We were both really tired so we just grabbed a quick dinner and went back to our room to watch the Olympic's opening ceremony. Man we are such party animals! ;) It really was just so great to be with my man uninterrupted and to be able to talk and laugh together. The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and drove up to a couple of the beaches on the way to Monterey.

A couple of pictures from the drive up...

We stopped in Monterey and had lunch at this little cafe that I had read reviews about. We weren't very impressed unfortunately. We got back in the car and made our way further up the cost until we hit San Francisco.  Look who we saw on the freeway on our way up!

Rachel and Ryan!

Once we all checked into our hotels, we drove into the city together for dinner at The Stinking Rose. I love garlic but I didn't know how much I'd love this place! It was so so SO good. We made sure that the four of us lathered our food in garlic so that we wouldn't be the only ones with garlic breath :)

Our sweet friends at dinner

After dinner, Rach found a really cute cafe that were we sat and drank coffee and had cookies. 
It is so blessing to be able to talk so easily with likeminded friends.

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